Aigle Wellington Boots Reviews

Aigle have been producing high quality wellington boots since 1853. More recently Aigle has expanded and now also produce a range of mainly outdoor clothing for men, women and children. However, wellington boots still remain the primary product. Read our Aigle wellington boot reviews to find the best Aigle wellies for your needs.


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Aigle Malouine Boots Review

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Aigle Aiglentine Boots Review

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Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Review

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Wellington Boots Review

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Aigle Wellington Boots

When it comes to footwear that offers a unique blend of style, durability, and comfort, Aigle Wellington boots are a class apart. Hailing from France, Aigle has been setting trends and raising the bar for quality since 1853. In our Aigle wellington boot reviews, you will understand why investing in a pair of these iconic boots is a decision you are unlikely to regret.

Aigle Wellington Boots Review

The name itself carries a weight of tradition, craftsmanship, and French elegance. These boots are an amalgamation of design intelligence and functional comfort. Imagine walking through muddy terrain or pouring rain, and still coming home with feet as dry as a bone—this is the Aigle promise. But that’s not all; they offer a range of stylish designs to ensure you don’t compromise on your fashion statement. 

The History of Aigle: The Craftsmanship Behind the Boots

Founded in 1853 by Hiram Hutchinson, Aigle was born out of a desire to create footwear that was both functional and aesthetic. The brand quickly made a name for itself by producing rubber boots using pioneering techniques. Fast-forward to today, and Aigle continues to innovate while maintaining its historical roots. The company has expanded into various types of footwear and apparel, but their wellington boots remain a favourite.

Materials and Construction: What Makes Them Stand Out

The boots are made primarily of Gomma Plus natural rubber, a material known for its durability and flexibility. What sets Aigle Wellington boots apart is the level of craftsmanship involved. Each boot is handcrafted by experts, ensuring that every seam, every layer, is perfect. This meticulous attention to detail is what makes them stand out as high end wellies.

Variants: A Range to Choose From

From ankle-length to knee-high, Aigle Wellington boots come in various styles to suit different needs. They offer options for both men and women, and even have a range of boots specifically designed for children.

Price Point: Are Aigle wellies worth the high price

While Aigle Wellington boots might seem like a steep investment initially, the longevity and quality they offer make it worthwhile. Their durability means you won’t have to replace them as often as other boots, providing value for money in the long run.

How They Compare: Aigle Vs Other Brands

Really Aigle only have one major competitor and that’s Le Chameau, another high end French wellington boot manufacturer. Aigle and Le Chameau consistently get very highly rated reviews for their boots. Both manufacturer’s wellies are made to the highest quality when compared to other brands like Hunter boots, they are leagues ahead…….but at a price.

Warranty and Customer Service

Aigle provides a two-year warranty on their Wellington boots, which speaks volumes about their confidence in the product. Their customer service is known to be friendly and responsive, making any after-sales process hassle-free.


Aigle is committed to sustainability. Each Aigle Wellington Boot is designed to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby decreasing the environmental impact. Moreover, the brand is actively involved in sustainable rubber farming and adheres to eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Find out more at Our commitments | AIGLE


SaleBestseller No. 1
Aigle PARCOURS 2 ISO, Unisex Adults’ Wellington Boots, Green (Bronze), 8 UK (42 EU)
Aigle PARCOURS 2 ISO, Unisex Adults’ Wellington Boots, Green (Bronze), 8 UK (42 EU)
Waterproof, adjustable gussets; Note: The logo may differ slightly from the images shown; Insole: 4.5 mm neoprene
Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller No. 2
Aigle Unisex Work Wellingtons, Hunting Boots, Bronze, 5 UK
Aigle Unisex Work Wellingtons, Hunting Boots, Bronze, 5 UK
The first anti-fatigue boots adapted to all calves and is manufactured by hand in France; Gusset: Waterproof and adjustable
Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller No. 3
Aigle Unisex Adults' Parcours 2 Wellington Boots, Green (Bronze), 9 UK (43 EU)
Aigle Unisex Adults’ Parcours 2 Wellington Boots, Green (Bronze), 9 UK (43 EU)
The first anti-fatigue boot and is manufactured by hand in France; Lining: Polyester; Insole: Absorbent foam over a Softex lined rubber base
SaleBestseller No. 4
Aigle Men's Benyl Xl Wellington Boots, Green (KAKI), 11.5 UK
Aigle Men’s Benyl Xl Wellington Boots, Green (KAKI), 11.5 UK
The light hunting boot and is manufactured by hand in France; Lining: Polyamide; Insole: Foam cushioning, Softex lining
Amazon Prime
SaleBestseller No. 5
Aigle Chambord Pro 2, Men's Work Wellingtons Boots, Green (Kaki 001), 9 UK (43 EU)
Aigle Chambord Pro 2, Men’s Work Wellingtons Boots, Green (Kaki 001), 9 UK (43 EU)
Aigle Chambord Khaki Pro Hunting Boots.; Footwear > Hunting boots > Hunting rubber boots.; Product recommended by the MadeinChasse community.
Amazon Prime

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