Aigle Giboulee Boots Review

Fur Lined Children's Boots

Aigle Giboulee are a children’s winter boot with a faux fur lining and a quilted top, with a drawstring to help keep the cold and wet out. The boots include a useful safety feature of an arc-shaped reflective strip on the heel. As with all Aigle boots, the boots are well constructed.

Value for Money
Build Quality

Aigle Unisex Kids' Giboulee Snow Boots

Aigle Giboulee Boot Review
Date of review December 2021 by Richard 


Our Verdict

+ Good quality construction Poor grip in ice \ snow
+ High shaft 
+ Faux fur lining for warmth 
+ Lightweight  
+ Nice looking 

Aigle Giboulee Children's Boots: Features

  • Adjustments: Drawstring closure at top
  • Inside material:  Faux fur (polyester)
  • Outside material: Natural rubber
  • Sizing: Come up large
  • Weight: Approx. 760g (varies depending on size) 
  • Shaft Height:  Approx. 24cm (varies depending on size)
  • Waterproof: 100% waterproof
  • Colours: Black, blue, green and red


The Aigle Giboulee boots have a faux fur lining to provide insulation from the cold. Unlike some other brands, the fur lining covers all areas of the boots, not just the shaft of the boots. The lining will certainly help keep feet warm in colder weather. However, its effectiveness at keeping feet warm in freezing conditions will be limited. 

One common problem with faux fur linings is that the more boots are worn, the fur becomes compressed, which reduces its insulating properties. This probably won’t be much of a problem for children as they will likely grow out of the boots before this becomes an issue.

Compared to rubber boots that have a thin textile lining, these Aigle boots offer a good degree of warmth, especially if worn with a fleece lining or thick socks.

Aigle Unisex Kids Giboulée Snow Boots


Thanks to the faux fur lining the boots feel very snug and cosy to wear. The soles of the boots are made from rubber which provides shock absorption and cushioning when walking.

Although the boots do look heavy, they are actually very lightweight. This is great for younger children as they can walk further without getting tired.

The boots are primarily made from natural rubber which is highly flexible, but also supportive. This means that the boots will provide a good level of comfort and support for feet. It also means that the boots are less likely to rub, causing sores and blisters.


Rubber boots are generally designed to be worn in wet conditions, so its important that the boots have good traction to prevent slips and falls. Unfortunately, the one area that lets the Aigle Giboulee boots down is the poor traction. 

The sole of the boots have very shallow treads, which means that the boots won’t dig down into soft ground \ mud \ snow to provide a good level of traction. 

On the plus side, the soles of the boots are made from rubber which does provide excellent grip on hard surfaces. So, if your child is going to be primarily wearing these boots on paved or hard surfaces then they will be fine.

Kids Snow boots with good grip


The boots are available in four different colours, black, blue, green and red. The lower section of the boots has a white band going around the sole, which gives the boots a distinctive look.

The boots are primarily made from rubber, apart the top section of the shaft which is made from a soft quilted polyester material, with a pull string.

The Giboulee boots certainly don’t look like your typical plain rubber boots.

Value for Money

The Aigle Giboulee boots are not your typical cheap PVC boots that can be picked up for next to nothing. When you buy boots from Aigle you are buying quality and quality comes at a price. We believe that these boots represent good value for money, but it is up to you to decide whether they are worth the price.

Aigle Giboulee Boots Review: Final Thoughts

The Aigle Giboulee children’s boots are a great choice for any child who is looking for a pair of boots that are warm and comfortable. The boots are available in four colours and suitable for both boys and girls.

Aigle boots aren’t the cheapest, but they are among the best!

Richard Cutts

Richard Cutts

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