Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Boots Review

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Aigle has a reputation for making some of the best rubber boots out there and the Parcours 2 ISO does not disappoint. Super comfortable, warm, and of the highest quality. The boots are great for walking and can be worn all day without any discomfort. Slightly on the expensive side, but you are buying some of the best rain boots available!

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Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Boots Review - The Best Aigle Wellington Boots

Aigle Parcours2 ISO Boots Review
Date of review September 2021 by Richard


Our Verdict

+ Great for walkingErrr…there’s nothing to dislike
+ All day comfort 
+ Very good quality 
+ Warm and breathable 
+ Adjustable for wide calves 

When most people think of rubber boots, they think of cheap, poor-fitting boots. However, brands such as Aigle have been designing high quality, stylish wellington boots for quite some time. Aigle’s latest generation of Parcours 2 ISO boots are still traditionally made by hand in France, using natural rubber and to the highest of standards.

There are over 10 different boots in the Parcours range, each with its own unique features. In this review, we focus on the Parcours 2 ISO, which is generally considered the best in the range.

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Boots: Features

  • Side buckle: Adjustable calf sizes
  • Inside material: 4.5mm Neoprene
  • Outside material: Natural rubber
  • Fit Type: True to size
  • Heel Type: Block, 1.2cm tall
  • Soles: Shock absorbing soles ‘Anti-fatigue’
  • Waterproof: 100% 
  • Colours: 4 different colours
  • Sizes: Unisex 3.5UK to 14.5UK

How warmth are Aigle Parcours 2 ISO neoprene lined boots

Anyone who has worn basic rubber boots will tell you they don’t offer much in the way of warmth. If the weather is cold, then your feet will be cold. This isn’t surprising, considering the only thing between feet and the cold is a thin layer of rubber or PVC. These Aigle wellies have a thick 4.5 mm neoprene lining to stop cold feet. This provides excellent insulation and will keep feet warm in sub-zero temperatures. The Neoprene also allows feet to breathe, making them suitable for wearing in winter and summer. 

The boots have an insulated neoprene insole, which helps protect feet from the cold coming up from the ground. This can be especially useful if standing in one spot on a cold day for a prolonged period of time.

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Boots Review - Best Aigle Boots
Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Boots - The Best Aigle Boots

These are comfortable boots

The Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots are super comfortable! We doubt you will find any other boots that are as comfortable.

You can wear these Aigle boots all day and won’t experience any aches or pains. This mainly comes down to the excellent ankle support provided by the boots and the ‘anti-fatigue’ sole.

Aigle’s ‘anti-fatigue’ sole consists of 3 density natural rubber sole, which provides cushioning and absorbs shock. This reduces stress on the body when moving. This means that when you walk in these boots, you’ll have a spring in your step!

Traction and grip

Turning the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO wellington boots upside down, you will see good deep treads designed to give traction from all angles. The boots are capable of providing a secure grip on most surfaces. The only surface we found that traction wasn’t particularly good was hard, smooth surfaces, such as ice. But, to be fair, there probably aren’t many boots that could provide good traction on this type of surface.

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots have good grip
Parcours 2 ISO - Anti-fatigue sole

Classic looking boots

The Parcours 2 ISO boots come in 4 different colours: bronze, brun (brown), noir (black) and kaki (green), and the finish is matt but with a slight shine. It’s not the most exciting range of colours.

The boots are unisex, meaning they are not explicitly styled for men or women.

These factors clearly indicate that these boots have not been designed as a fashion wellie, for walking down the high street on a rainy day. They are very much a practical wellington boot.

There’s a buckle at the top of the boot, which, unlike many boots is not just there for show, it actually adjusts the gusset to fit the leg more comfortably. Thanks to this adjustment these wellies are suitable for wide calves and standard calve sizes.

The boots are beautifully made and look really good, but if you are after something that will make you stick out in a crowd, then these are probably not the boots for you. Take a look at Hunter Original Tall boots review if you are after something a bit more high street-friendly.

Parcours 2 ISO Boots Review: Conclusion

As you might have gathered from our review, we love the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots. They are very well made and if you buy a pair, expect to still be wearing them in 10 years times.

They might be more expensive than other boots on the market, but they’re worth it. Unlike some brands, we don’t feel that you’re paying for the brand name but the actual quality of the boots. 

The only other wellington boots that we’ve reviewed comparable to these Aigle boots are the Le Chameau Vierzonord, which are also a top-quality French brand of rubber boots.

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Boots Questions & Answers

Are Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots warm?

Yes, they are among some of the warmest boots we’ve reviewed. This is mainly down to the thick neoprene lining.

Are Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots good for wide calves?

Yes, the boots are suitable for wide calves, thanks to the adjustable buckle at the top of the boot.

The circumference of the boot varies depending on foot size. 

  • The maximum calf size circumference for a size 6 UK boot is 15.5 inches \ 39.5CM 
  • The maximum calf size circumference for a size 9 UK boot is 16.5 inches \ 42.5CM  
  • The maximum calf size circumference for a size 12 UK boot is 17 inches \ 43.5CM 

Do Aigle Parcours 2 ISO have a full zip?

The Parcours 2 ISO Open boots have a zip that runs down the side of the boots. The ‘Open’ version of the boot is not so popular. The most popular version of the boots has an adjustable buckle that makes it easy to put them on and take them off. The buckle also allows the boots to be adjusted to the perfect fit.

Should I size up Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots?

No, buy the boots in your standard shoe size.

What does the ‘ISO’ mean in Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots?

The ISO means that the boots have a neoprene lining. Neoprene is the best insulation for keeping feet warm in cold conditions.

Are Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots suitable for dog walking?

Yes, these boots are great for dog walking. You can wear the boots all day without any discomfort.

Are Aigle Parcours 2 ISO boots suitable for thin legs?

The boots have an adjustable strap that can be tightened at the top of the boot.

Are Aigle boots worth the money?

If you are looking for warm, all-day comfort boots that last for years, these Aigle boots are definitely worth the money.

Are Aigle Parcours 2 unisex?

Yes, the boots are unisex

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