Aigle Aiglentine Boots Review

Women's Fur Lined Boots

The Aigle Aiglentine boots will not only keep your feet dry but also warm, thanks to the thick faux fur lining. The adjustable buckle on the side of the boots makes them suitable for all calf sizes. Like all Aigle boots, they have been hand made using natural rubber and will last for many years.

Value for Money
Build Quality

Aigle Aiglentine Boots Review

Aigle Aiglentine Boot Review
Date of review November 2021 by Richard Cutts


Our Verdict

+ Faux fur lining (not all models) A little on the heavy side
+ Very good quality Not available in half sizes
+ Comfortable 
+ Suitable for wide calves 

Aiglentine Boots: Features

  • Adjustments: Side buckle
  • Inside material: Faux fur lining or Polyester lining (depending on model) 
  • Outside material: Rubber
  • Fit Type: True to size
  • Wide calves: Suitable for wide calves
  • Waterproof: 100% waterproof
  • Colours: Black, Marine, Brown and Kaki
  • Sizes (women): 2 UK to 9 UK – 4 US to 11 US

Autumn rains and cold winter days always seem to be just around the corner. Even though we would probably like to stay indoors, we still need to take the dog out for a daily walk, do some chores in the backyard and walk to work. So, when the weather turns, we start thinking about getting a good, quality pair of rubber rain boots \ wellie boots to keep feet warm and dry. 

After many negative reviews regarding the very popular Hunter Original wellingtons recently, many are turning towards handmade Aigle boots as a replacement. Aigle Aiglentine women’s boots are designed for ladies needing sturdy and stylish footwear. But are the boots really worth all the praise? and more importantly, your money?


Something to be aware of is that the Aigle Aiglentine boots come in two different versions. There’s the Aiglentine fur lined rubber boots and there’s the Aigle Boyfriend rain boots. The Boyfriend boots only have a thin polyester \ cotton lining, which will provide very little insulation from the cold.

The faux fur lined boots do offer a reasonable amount of insulation from the cold. The fur lining makes the boots suitable for cold condition, but probably not for prolonged periods in sub zero temperatures.


Aigle Aiglentine Boots Review


Aigle Aiglentine Women’s Boots are handmade wellingtons inspired by the men’s collection. The boots have a cavalier cut, lugged outsole, and a tightening tab. Their equestrian style and curved form provide an elegant and feminine look.

One noticeable design feature is that the boots don’t taper in much towards the ankle. Having a wider ankle area makes putting the boots on and taking them off much easier, but it has a slightly negative impact on the way that the boots look.

The boots are only available in four different colours and they vary depending if you go for the fur-lined or the Boyfriend (non-lined) Aiglentine boots.


One of the first things we noticed about the boots is that they are very easy to put on and take off. If you go for the fur-lined model, both the shaft lining and the insole are fur lined making them feel super snug.

The non fur lined boots (aka Boyfriend boots) don’t have the same snug feeling as the fur lined boots, but they are still very comfortable. There’s enough space in the foot area to wear thick socks, without making the boots feel tight.

There’s a buckle on the side that can be tightened or loosened by about 5cm centimetres. This not only makes the boots suitable for different calf sizes, it also means the boots can be adjusted so that they don’t flap when walking.

The natural rubber that the boots are primarily made from is very flexible but still sturdy. So, they provide good support without chafing or rubbing.


The Aigle Aiglentine boots have thick soles with deep treads. This gives the boots an excellent grip, making them suitable for nearly all types of terrain.

Aigle Aiglentine boots sole have good traction
The Aiglentine boots have excellent grip

Value for Money

The Aigle Aiglentine boots are slightly more expensive than similar rain boots \ wellie boots , but we believe that you truly get what you pay for with these boots. Not only do they look elegant and expensive, but they are of premium quality. 

Aigle Aiglentine Boots Review: Final Thoughts

Aigle Aiglentine Women’s boots are an excellent choice for those who need quality wellingtons that will last a long time. These rain boots are handmade with natural rubber, which makes them both flexible and strong. In addition, they provide an excellent grip and are completely waterproof. In the end, Aigle Aiglentine women’s boots have all the sturdiness of the men’s footwear and the elegance and style fit for a lady.


Bestseller No. 1
Aigle Womens Aiglentine 2 Nl Rain Boot, Black, 5.5 UK
Aigle Womens Aiglentine 2 Nl Rain Boot, Black, 5.5 UK
Handmade in France; Its equestrian-inspired cut and contoured fit give the boot a very feminine style.
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Bestseller No. 2
Aigle Women's Aiglentine Fur Boots, Noir New, 5.5 UK
Aigle Women’s Aiglentine Fur Boots, Noir New, 5.5 UK
Gomma Plus majority natural rubber.; Handmade in France.

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Aigle Aiglentine Boots Questions & Answers

Who are Aigle Boots?

 Aigle is a master rubber craftsman company with over 160 years of experience. the company was founded in 1853 and is one of the leading rubber boot manufacturers in France. The factory is located in Chatellerault, France, and has around 200 craftsmen making rubber boots by hand.

Every worker must pass a 2-year training program in order to learn how to make the boots. Aigle also uses only natural rubber, and it takes 60 assembling steps to produce one pair of boots. All in all, Aigle’s products are the fruit of tradition and technology.

The company manufactures 4,000 pairs of handmade boots every day and sells them in more than 100 different countries.

Do Aigle Aiglentine boots have a neoprene lining?

No, the boots are not neoprene lined. There are two versions of the Aiglentine boots, the faux fur lined and polyester \ cotton lined boots. The Fur lined boots do help insulate feet, but not as well as neoprene lined boots. The polyester \ cotton lined version of the boots provide very little insulation.

Does the fur lining stop at the ankles or cover the entire foot?

The entire inside of the boots is covered with the fur lining, including the foot area.

Does the Aiglentine boots fur lining moult?

Yes, the fur does moult initially, but will stop  after a while. This is expected and is not a fault with the boots.

Are the Aiglentine boots suitable for wide calves?

Yes, they are suitable for wide calves thanks to the adjustable strap at the top of the boots. However, if you have extremely wide claves you may want to look elsewhere.

What is the calf width of the Aigle Aiglentine boots?

For the 4UK \ 6US size boots the circumference at the top of the boots is 41cm with the buckle tightened. With the buckle loose the circumference is approximately 46cm (with out stretching)

Are the Aigle Aiglentine boots vegan?

Yes, the boots are vegan, since the vulcanization process does not involve animal products.

Are the Aigle Aiglentine boots suitable for wide feet?

Yes, the foot area of the boots is on the generous side. Also, the boots are made of natural rubber which allows them to stretch slightly.

Are the Aigle Aiglentine boots true to size?

Yes, buy the boots in your normal shoe size. If you are normally a half size, then go for the size up. If you find the boots are too large then a insole can be inserted. 

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