Le Chameau Iris Jersey Lined Boots Review

Colourful Boots for Women

Le Chameau are known for making great quality boots. The downside is their boots are nearly always only available in brown and green colours. Fortunately, the Iris Jersey lined range of boots have broken the mould and are available in 7 different colours. If you’re after high quality colourful boots, then you should definitely consider Le Chameau Iris boots

Value for Money
Build Quality

Le Chameau Iris Jersey Lined Boots Review

Iris Jersey Lined Boots Review
Date of review November 2021 by Richard Cutts


Our Verdict

+ LightweightNot suitable for wide calves
+ Good qualityNot suitable for cold conditions
+ Beautiful range of colours 

Iris boots: Features

  • Adjustments: None
  • Inside material: Polyester \ Cotton
  • Outside material: ‘Chamolux’ rubber
  • Fit Type: True to size
  • Wide calves: Not suitable
  • Heel Type: Small block heel
  • Waterproof: 100% waterproof
  • Colours: 7 colours available
  • Sizes (Women): 3 UK to 8 UK – 4 US to 9 US

Colourful rain boots (US) or wellington boots (UK) have been extremely popular with the fashion conscious for many years. With Hunter dominating the market with their Original boots. But, as our review of Hunter Original boots highlights, they are not as good as they once were.

The Le Chameau Iris boots are a great alternative to Hunter Original boots and we think they are a much better boot, all round.

Read our full review below to see what makes Le Chameau Iris jersey lined boots for women so good.


Typically, Le Chameau boots have only been available in either a green or brown colour. But, with the Iris range of boots, you have a choice of 7 colours, with more to come. The image below shows the different colours currently available.

Le Chameau Colourful Iris Boots
Le Chameau Colourful Iris Boots

The upper part of the boots are a relatively narrow fit (not suitable for wide calves) and unlike similar boots they don’t have a buckle at the top, giving them a clean and elegant look. 


We have reviewed many pairs of rubber rain boots, where the manufacturer has spent a lot of effort in making the boots look stylish but has completely neglected comfort. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Iris boots. They look good and they are comfortable to wear.

The Chamolux rubber that the boots are made from is super durable, but also lightweight and flexible. This combination makes them ideal for walking or wearing for long periods of time without any discomfort.

As previously mentioned, the boots have polyester \ cotton lining which helps give the boots a certain amount of ‘breathability’. This helps to prevent moisture from building up and making the boots unpleasant to wear and smelly, especially in warmer weather.


It’s slightly misleading of Le Chameau to refer to the boots as being ‘Jersey lined’. This conjures up images of a nice warm lining that will keep feet warm in cold conditions. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The boots have a thin cotton \ polyester lining which really does nothing to keep feet insulated.

The Iris boots are really best suited for milder, wet conditions, not snow and ice. Thick socks will help keep feet warm in colder conditions, but ideally we would recommend going for boots that have a neoprene or fleece lining


The Iris boots are primarily designed as a fashion boot, which means that the soles will not provide the same sort of traction as a ‘working’ boot. The soles of the boots have got a reasonable amount of grip and should be sufficient for most situations, like taking the dog for a walk or gardening.

Iris Boots Has Good Traction
Iris boots provide reasonable traction

Best For

The Le Chameau Iris boots are very stylish and a great alternative to the Hunter Original boots. Not only do they look as good or better than the Hunter boots, they are also great practical boots (the same can’t be said about the Hunter Originals).  

Value for Money

Le Chameau has a reputation for making some of the best rubber boots available. This does mean that their boots tend to be more expensive than other brands. However, you are paying for some really good, high-quality boots, that will last for many years to come. We think they are well worth the money.


The Le Chameau Iris boots will keep your feet dry  in wet conditions, they are 100% waterproof. 

The primary factor that lets the boots down, is they don’t have any form of insulation to keep feet warm in cold conditions.

The Chamolux rubber that the boots are made from is relatively thin and won’t offer protection from the cold or a heavy object falling on your foot…..ouch

Le Chameau Iris boots review: Final Thoughts

There are loads of colourful rain boots \ wellies available, but very few (if any) can match the quality of the Le Chameau Iris boots.

They look good, are comfortable to wear, well made and lightweight. What more can you ask for from a pair of rubber boots?……..well, I guess you could ask for an insulating lining to keep feet warm.

We give the Iris boots 4.5 \ 5

Questions and Answers: Le Chameau Iris

How tall are Le Chameau Iris boots?

The boots in size 6 are approximately 41cm \ 16 inches tall. The height varies depending on the foot size of the boots.

Are the Le Chameau Iris boots suitable for wide calves?

We would not recommend the Iris boots for people with wide claves. A size 6 in has a circumference of about 38cm \ 15 inches. The boots do not have any adjustments on the shaft of the boots to change the width. 

Does the Jersey lining of the Iris boots keep feet warm?

A jersey lining does make the boots sound as though they have a warm lining. However, the boots actually only have a thin lining that will not keep feet warm in cold conditions. The boots are best suited for the milder temperatures of spring and summer. If you require boots for cold conditions, then take a look at Le Chameau Vierzonord boots

Are the Iris boots true to size?

Yes, they are. You should order boots in your normal shoe size. If you are usually a half-size, then we recommend you go the next size up.

Are Le Chameau Iris a good alternative to Hunter original boots?

The Iris boots are a great alternative to the hunter Original’s. The Iris boots come in several very unique colours and have the classic wellington boots look that the Hunter boots have. Le Chameau boots are slightly more expensive, but we think they are better quality

Are Le Chameau wellies worth it?

Le Chameau has a very good reputation for producing high-quality boots that are made to last. They are more expensive than similar boots from other brands. All Le Chameau boots come with a 2 year warranty. 

Are Le Chameau Iris boots suitable for wide feet?

The foot section of the Iris boots is quite generous, making them suitable for people with wide feet.

Are the Iris boots heavy?

No, in fact, the Iris boots are probably the lightest tall boots available from Le Chameau 


SaleBestseller No. 2
LE CHAMEAU 1927 Women's Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Boots Vert Vierzon Green - UK 8
LE CHAMEAU 1927 Women’s Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Boots Vert Vierzon Green – UK 8
Handcrafted from start to finish by a Le Chameau Master Bootmaker; Featuring our supple and flexible Chamolux rubber, exclusive to Le Chameau

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