Best Winter Wellington Boots

Best Wellington Boots for Winter

Good boots can protect your feet from the cold and wet weather. They should also have good traction so that you can walk confidently in winter conditions that can be slippery. 

While Wellington boots are better known for rainy weather and tramping through the mud in the great outdoors, there are also wellies that are specifically designed for cold winter weather that aren’t snow boots. These winter wellington boots often have a neoprene lining (the same as used in wetsuits) that can really keep your feet warm and comfy in freezing conditions.

Here is our guide to the best Wellington boots for winter weather and how to pick the right boots for you.

Top 5 Winter Wellies

1) Hunter Balmoral Neoprene Lined Wellington Boots

Overall Rating:

Why We like them: Well made wellington boots, with a 3mm neoprene lining that will keep feet warm in the coldest winter conditions.

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Hunter Balmoral Neoprene

Hunter Balmoral Neoprene boots, available in green or navy

There is a reason why Hunter is allowed to use the name of ‘Balmoral’, Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite Scottish estate. The company has earned its place at the top of the boot market since 1856 with quality footwear for any occasion. It has the royal seal of approval in the form of two Royal Warrants of Appointment,  marks of recognition only given to companies that supply the Queen herself.

The Hunter Balmoral Neoprene Wellington Boots are excellent boots in their own right, even setting aside royal approval. These boots use the latest in technical innovations to make durable, steady boots for all weather conditions. The boots are made of durable, natural rubber that is waterproof, flexible, and has less environmental impact than cheaper PVC materials.

The boots have a 3mm neoprene lining which will keep feet warm in the cold, without having to wear thick socks. The neoprene allows feet to ‘breath’ so they won’t get too hot and sweaty.

The soles are another feature that makes these boots stand out. They have a thick Newflex Vibram sole with a kick on the back, to help take the boots off. The tread is very thick and has excellent grip that will help you walk securely in all weather conditions, whether snow, ice or rain.

The few drawbacks of these boots are that they are rather clunky compared to other Wellingtons and come with a hefty price tag. However, think of Hunter boots as an investment in the long-term comfort of your feet. These boots are guaranteed to last for years, no matter how often you wear them.

2) Muck Chore Boots

Overall Rating:

Why we like them: A very comfortable, all purpose boot suitable for riding, walking, gardening and yard work. Like most winter wellie boots they have neoprene insulation. They are well constructed and will last for years.

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Muck Chore Boots

Muck Chore work boot – unisex winter wellies

Chore Boots from The Original Muck Boots Company are another excellent choice for waterproof and cold weather protection. However, Muck Boots does not have quite as storied a lineage as Hunter (it was only established in 1999). The company has earned its reputation as a manufacturer of quality boots many times over.

The Chore Boots are made for various weather and activities, particularly heavy-duty use during barn chores and gardening. True to its working reputation, the company reinforces the heels and toes for extra durability. The boots are made with the finest natural rubber and have a neoprene lining for extra waterproofing and insulation, meaning that your feet will stay warm no matter what.

The boots are sturdy, but that does not mean that they are clunky or heavy to wear. They have a reinforced arch for support that you don’t normally get with Wellington boots and breathable mesh for when the weather turns warmer.

There’s a range of over 10 different Chore boot styles and features. For example, there’s a Chore boot with an adjustable gusset at the back of the boots, which is suitable for wide calves. There’s a Chore boot with a steel toe cap and there’s even a  men’s Chore short ankle boots. The one thing all the different styles share is that they are all suitable for wearing in winter.

 They have an advantage over Hunter because they come with an adjustable gusset. That means that they’re more forgiving if you wind up gaining some weight or wearing thicker socks or trousers.

The only drawback is the appearance. Muck Boots look good, but they are Chore Boots first, stylish second. The extra reinforcements on the heels and toes make the boots look a little clunky. You will definitely feel comfortable in these, but you might also feel a little awkward stomping around at a classier event or walking down the high street.

3) Dunlop Purofort boots

Overall Rating:

Why We Like Them: If you’re on a tight budget and want some warm wellies, these Dunlop unisex Purofort wellington boots are the way to go.

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Dunlop Purofort
Dunlop Purofort working wellies 

The trouble with most winter wellington boots is that they are quite pricey. Some cost several hundred pounds! If you want to keep your feet dry and warm but don’t have that kind of money to spend on wellies then Dunlop’s Purofort boots are for you.

Dunlop specializes in working boots. They developed Purofort, a synthetic material that is lightweight but still insulating. Purofort is a type of plastic but of far better quality than PVC, providing similar support to natural rubber or Gore-Tex for a fraction of the price.

The Purofort boots have rubber soles and heels for better traction on slippery surfaces. Whether you are looking for a boot to keep in your car in case you get caught in the bad weather or something to slip on while working in the garden, Dunlop’s Purofort wellies are for you.

However, the difference in price and quality does show when compared to the more expensive winter wellies. The Purofort boots don’t offer much in the way of ankle and arch support, and the soles are not as supportive as some of the other models reviewed here. Because of this we wouldn’t recommend walking long distances in them. Although the Purofort boots are much better at keeping feet warm than a basic pair of wellies, we would still suggest wearing thick socks or a welly sock when wearing them on very cold days.

4) Bogs Insulated Wellies

Overall Rating:

Why We like them: Bogs wellies have a good reputation for comfort and they also have some of the thickest boot insulation available, keeping feet warm in sub-zero temperatures.

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Bogs insulated wellington boots

Bogs insulated wellington boots

Bogs have an extensive range of insulated wellington boots that are perfect for doing outdoor chores during the cold. Like many wellies designed for winter, Bogs boots look good, but they are not super stylish.

One of the best features of Bogs boots is their comfort. Bogs boots have a neoprene lining and Neo-Tech insulation that is up to seven millimetres thick. Neo-Tech insulation technology was developed by Bogs for extra insulation and protects your feet against the coldest temperatures. The boots are also completely waterproof (including the neoprene upper part), so you won’t have to worry about puddles or melting snow getting through to your socks.

The soles on these boots are also rated for comfort. The thick Bio-Grip outsole not only insulates feet from the cold but also provides good traction when walking in slippery conditions. The sole interior of the boot has an extra rubber sponge layer on the sole for shock absorption and support, offering you extra comfort no matter how long you walk. Plus, it is claimed that the soles are self-cleaning!…….we’re not convinced either.

Bogs insulated boots come in various styles and colours for men, women and kids.

5) Grubs Frostline Boots

Overall Rating:

Why We like them: Good all-rounder boots that will keep feet warm in extreme cold. Thanks to the elastic materials used the boots are suitable for wide calves.

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Grubs FrostlineGrubs insulated wellington boots

What’s in a name? For Grubs Frostline Boots, the name guarantees protection against frost and other extreme wintery weather conditions. The boots are made of a mix of synthetic materials and the company’s 5.0 thermal engineering for extra insulation. In fact, the boots are rated for use in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius!

For extra protection from the cold, the boots are lined with self-insulating insu-foam, whose fine structure blocks heat from escaping the boot.

In addition to protecting against cold, Grubs Frostline 5.0 Boots also protect against wet conditions. They are completely waterproof.

You also won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding with these boots. The Trax outsole is thick and grips slippery surfaces well. You can even run downhill safely in these thanks to the reinforced, thick heel, which helps with stopping, even on slopes.

For additional comfort while walking, Grubs makes their boots with Hexzorb Duraprene technology, which absorbs shock and distributes it evenly across the leg. The boots also have an extra-supportive under foot chassis and cushioning on the soles, making them a good choice for longer walks or extended periods of working outside.

The Grubs Frostline range of boots are unisex and come in three different colours:  green, black and violet.

Tips for Finding the Best Wellington Boots for winter

When you are shopping for Wellington boots to wear during the winter, be sure to look for neoprene insulation, as this is the material that insulates the boots and keeps your feet warm. The thicker the neoprene, the better.

The fit of your boots is also important. Your Wellingtons should fit snugly without any gaps at the top to let cold air in. However, they should be loose enough to wear thick socks underneath. Boots that are too tight could also hurt your circulation and cause your feet to feel even colder.

Keep these tips in mind while shopping for your winter Wellington boots and you’ll be able to find a wellie that keeps your feet warm and dry, no matter the weather.

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