Hunter Original Tall Boots Review

Iconic Rubber Boots

Hunter Original boots are not what we were expecting from such a popular brand of rubber boots. They look great and come in a range of colours and a matt or gloss finish. However, we found they didn’t cut the mustard in a few key areas. Find out more in our Hunter Original Tall boots review.

Value for Money
Build Quality

Hunter Original Tall Boots Review

Hunter Original Colourful Wellington Boots Review
Date of original review June 2019 by Clair 


Our Verdict

+ Big range of colourful bootsPoor build quality
Fashion must haves (worn by many celebs)Quite expensive. Paying for the ‘Hunter’ brand
Iconic brand 

Hunter Original boots have become the go to rain boots for wet weather, from light showers to torrential storms. You will almost certainly see these boots proudly being worn by people in the countryside and in towns on a wet day.

What makes Hunter boots stick out from other wellington boot brands, is their simple yet very recognizable classic design. The Hunter Original boots have become a fashion icon since Kate Moss was photographed at the 2005 Glastonbury Festival wearing a pair of black Hunter Originals.

But just because the Hunter Original boots are popular, doesn’t necessarily mean they offer good value for money. In this Hunter Original Tall boots review, we will call out their good qualities and their not so good qualities.

About Hunter Boots

Hunter boots have a rich history stretching over more than 160 years. The company started life as the North British Rubber Company making rubber boots, tires, and even golf balls. 

Thanks to the high standard of their rubber boots, the company was commissioned to make boots for soldiers during both World Wars.

The Hunter Original Green Wellingtons, or the Original Tall Boots as we know them today, were first produced back in 1955. Even after so many years, these handmade boots are still Hunter’s most popular rubber boots.

Hunter Original Boots: Features

  • Side buckle (for appearance only)
  • Inside material: Polyester lining 
  • Outside material: Natural rubber
  • Fit Type: True to size
  • Heel Type: Block, 1 inch tall
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Women’s boots: 7 classic colours | Men’s boots: 3 classic colours 
  • Matt & Gloss finishes available
  • Sizes: Men 6 UK to 12 UK – Women 3 UK to 9 UK  

There are loads of reviews for Hunter Original wellies on the internet. Not surprising, considering they are probably the most popular wellington boots in the world. Nearly every review we’ve seen has been praising the boots. However, we don’t think all the praise is deserved.

Protection offered by Hunter Original boots

As the name suggests the Hunter Original boots are tall. This means that they offer waterproof protection higher up the leg when compared to the majority of other wellies. The boots are made using natural rubber, making them 100% waterproof.

The wellies have a basic cotton \ polyester lining, which makes slipping feet in and out of the boots easier. The lining offers very little protection from the cold. Due to the lack of insulation, the Hunter Original boots are not ideal for winter weather conditions. Hunter does have a very limited range of Original boots with a fleece lining

The quickest and easiest method of keeping feet warm in boots without an insulating lining is to get some welly socks

How Comfortable are Hunter Original boots

As the boots are made from rubber they are flexible, which will generally mean less chance of rubbing and aching feet, especially when compared to boots made from PVC. Unfortunately, the rubber is pretty thin, offering little in the way of support. The insoles are also thin and don’t really offer any cushioning or shock absorption. This is probably ok if you don’t plan on walking too far or wearing them for long periods of time.

Style and Fashion of Hunter boots

Hunter Original tall boots are among the most colourful boots you can buy. They’re available in the traditional green colour and also in a wide range of other colours, with a matt finish or a nice shiny gloss. At the top of the boot, there’s a buckle which gives the boot more character and style. The buckle has no function other than to be aesthetically pleasing. 

A point of note, the boots are called Hunter Original Tall boots, which distinguishes them from Hunter Original Short boots. The boots are not an extra tall version. They are sometimes simply called ‘Hunter Original Boots’

Traction \ Grip

The sole has fairly shallow treads and a block heal which helps to give the boots reasonable traction when walking in wet and muddy conditions. 

Hunter Original wellies: The Bad

Hunter Originals are not made as well as they once were 

I purchased a pair of green Hunter Original boots about 20 years ago that are still with me today and in pretty good shape. Just over 2 years ago, I treated myself to some new black Hunter Original boots, which looked lovely, but they were obviously not constructed to the same high quality as my old Hunter wellies.

The inner lining has started to peel away from the boot

Like many wellies, the Hunter Originals have a cotton \ polyester inner lining. This is to help make it easier to put the boots on and take them off. After about 18 months of use, the lining started to peel away at the top and is slowly coming away further and further down the boot.

Hunter Originals Inner Lining
Inner lining peeling away

The soles wear down

The treads of the soles are wearing smooth, so the boots are starting to lose traction when walking. Also, the heel on one of the boots has worn all the way through. 

The Hunter logo has nearly disappeared

One of the most distinguishing features of Hunter boots is the logo on the front of the Boots. For many people, the Hunter logo is an important reason for buying the wellies in the first place. As you can see from the picture below after two years of use, the logo has nearly disappeared.

Hunter original Logo
Hunter Boots logo wearing away

The boots are starting to split

Where the boots crease when walking, the rubber has started to split, so they are no longer waterproof. I don’t walk long distances in my boots, i really only use them for pottering around the garden and sometimes for walking the dog. So it is really disappointing that the boots have split in this way so quickly.

New Hunter boots Vs Old Hunter boots

My old green Hunter Original wellington boots have got a few problems. Like the soles have worn down and one of the buckles on the gusset has started to come away from the boot. But these boots are 20 years old and have had a lot of use, yet they are in better shape than the new Hunter boots which are only 2 years old and haven’t really been used that much.

It should be noted that I don’t take great care of my rubber boots. I occasionally wash them down with cold water, but I don’t treat them with any oils.

Hunter Original wellies: The Good

Hunter Originals look good

The big thing about Hunter Original Tall Boots is that they do look good. This is the main reason that the boots are so popular. They come in a wide range of different colours and are available in both a matt finish and a gloss finish. They are also available as short boots and the boots are also available for children and even toddlers (Hunter First Classic)

Iconic Wellington Boots

Whenever you see a celebrity or someone famous wearing wellington boots they are nearly always Hunter Original boots.

Hunter Original Boots Review
Hunter Wellies in different colours

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for practical wellington boots, you’re going to be doing quite a bit of walking in or wearing them for long periods. Then Hunter Originals are probably not for you. The build quality is mediocre at best and they’re not that comfortable. 

If, however, you are looking for a good looking wellie in a range of different vibrant colours to walk around town in, then Hunter Original boots should definitely be on your shortlist.


Bestseller No. 1
Hunter Original Tall, Women's Rain Boots, Black, 7 UK
Hunter Original Tall, Women’s Rain Boots, Black, 7 UK
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Bestseller No. 2
Hunter Unisex-Adult Original Tall Wellington Boots, Navy, 6 UK
Hunter Unisex-Adult Original Tall Wellington Boots, Navy, 6 UK
Waterproof; Built on an Orthopedic last for comfort and fit
SaleBestseller No. 3
HUNTER Men's Original Tall Wellington Boots UK 10 Black
HUNTER Men’s Original Tall Wellington Boots UK 10 Black
Fully Waterproof; Hand Crafted From 28 Parts; Polyester Lining; Rubber Outsole
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Hunter Original Tall Boots Questions & Answers

Are Hunter Original Tall boots warm?

No, they have a thin cotton and polyester lining which provides minimal insulation from the cold. 

How tall are Hunter Original Tall boots?

From the bottom of the heel to the top of the boot is approximately 16 inches  \ 40cm. Although they are called ‘Tall’ boots they are not especially tall for rubber boots.

Which boots are good alternatives to Hunter Tall boots?

Take a look at our Le Chameau Iris, Joules Field and Barbour Bede reviews. These boots are great alternatives to the Hunter Original Tall boots

Are Hunter Original Tall boots vegan?

Yes, they are vegan certified.

Are Hunter Original Tall boots true to size?

Yes, buy them in your normal shoe size.

What’s the difference between Hunter Original and Hunter Original refined?

The refined boots are available for women only and are more fitted with a more stylish look to them. Be aware that they are a narrower boot compared to the standard Hunter Original and are not suitable for wide calves.

Do Hunter boots come in half sizes?

No, Hunter Orignal boots are not available in half sizes. If you are normally a half size then go the next size up. If you find the next size up is slightly too large you can insert your own insole to give the boots a better fit.

Are matt or glossy Hunter boots better?

This really comes down to personal preference. Other than looking different there are no other differences. It might be worth noting that a glossy finish will soon look less glossy when they get dirty and will require a bit more care to keep them looking at their glossiest. 

How long do Hunter Original boots last?

This is a very difficult question to answer, as it depends on how much they are used. As a very rough guideline, expect the boots to last 2 years.

What is the calf circumference of Hunter Original Tall rain boots?

The circumference of the boots varies slightly depending on the size. A size 9 Hunter Original boot has a circumference of approximately 15.5 inches \ 39.5cm. Note: The buckle on the side of the boot is there for aesthetic reasons; it doesn’t actually adjust the width of the boots 

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