Hunter Boots Ultimate Guide

Hunter Boots Ultimate Guide

Everything you wanted to know about Hunter boots

If you’re looking to buy a pair of rubber boots (aka rain boots in US, wellies boots in UK) then you will almost certainly have come across Hunter Boots. Here we answer the most common questions that are asked about Hunter boots. 

If you have a question that isn’t listed below, then feel free to get in contact with us and we will try our best to answer your question.

Should you size up in Hunter boots?

No you should not size up in Hunter boots. The boots are manufactured to standard shoe sizing. It is a common misconception that you should buy rubber boots a size larger than your normal shoes size. Even if you plan on wearing thick socks with your boots go for your normal shoe size. The boots are made of natural rubber which will stretch slightly.

 If you are usually a half shoe size, then you should go for the size up, rather than size down. Unfortunately none of Hunter’s boots are available in half sizes.

Which Hunter boots are most popular?

The Hunter Original boots are by far the most popular boot that Hunter produce. The boots are available as tall boots or as short ankle boots. There’s also a range of Hunter Original boots designed for children.

The Hunter Original Tall boot was first produced back in 1955. The boot was only available in green, but today the Hunter Original boots are available many different colours and designs.

If you’re interested in buying a pair, check out our Hunter Original boots review.

Are Hunter boots good for wide calves?

Hunter produce an extensive range of boots that are designed for wide calves. Most of the Hunter wide calf boots have an adjustable strap at the top of the boot which can be adjusted for different calf sizes. 

Be aware that some boots, like the Hunter Original Tall boots have a strap at the top of the boots, but it is just for aesthetic purposes and has no practical purpose.

Other than having adjustable straps, Hunter produce a range of short ankle boots, which do not go as high as the calves.

How can I tell if my Hunter boots are fake?

Often fake Hunter boots are very easy to spot, as they simply look and feel like cheap quality. The colours are not vibrant and often faded. The rubber used to construct the boot is very thin and the boots flop about.

The only fake Hunter boots we have seen are clearly fake. However, there are reports of some counterfeit Hunter boots (particularly the Hunter Original Tall) that are much more difficult to identify as being fake. We have an in depth article describing all the common signs that indicate Hunter boots are fake.

Why are Hunter boots so popular?

Traditionally rubber boots have been all about keep feet dry in wet conditions and very little effort went into how the boots looked. Hunter was one of the first rain boot manufacturers who realised that rubber boots could not only be practical, but also look good. The company started producing boots in a wide range of different colours and styled the boots, so they looked much more attractive.

Thanks to the boots being popular among celebrities (especially Kate Moss at the Glastonbury festival) the demand for Hunter boots has hugely increased, making them some of the most popular rubber boots in the world!

Do Hunter boots stretch?

Yes, all rubber boots will stretch to some extent. Hunter take into account the fact that their boots will stretch slightly when sizing the boots. So you should still buy boots that are the same size as your normal shoe size.

Are Hunter boots worth the money?

Yes, Hunter boots are generally worth the money as long as you buy the right Hunter boots for your requirements. 

Think about why you’re buying a pair of rubber boots. Is it because you want to keep your feet warm in the cold or do you want boots that look stylish and fashionable? Are you going to be wearing boots all day or walking long distances? Do you want boots you can easily slip on, to go outside in the wet or do you need boots that offer greater protection?

If you were to buy Hunter Original Tall boots to keep your feet warm, you would be very disappointed and not see the boots as worth the money. However, if you purchased the Original Tall boots to look stylish at a festival, you would think they are worth the money.

Can Hunter boots be repaired?

Yes, they can usually be repaired with minimal effort and expense by using a product like Stormsure. Stormsure is a glue that is clear, waterproof and elasticated, making it well suited for repairing rubber boots that have split or parts of the boot have detached. If the damage is significant then it is probably not going to be possible to repair the boots. Hunter do not offer a boot repair service. 

Take a look at our How to recycle old rain boots article if you boots are beyond repair

Are Hunter boots vegan?

Many of Hunter’s boots are certified as 100% vegan. Check the product description to see if they are vegan.

The following Hunter boots are certified as Vegan:

  • Original Tall
  • Original short
  • Original vegan Chelsea boots
  • Play and the Refined family of boots.

Do Hunter boots keep your feet warm?

Yes and no. It depends which line of Hunter boots you buy. To keep feet warm look for boots that have a neoprene lining for the best warmth. Some Hunter boots have a fleece lining which will also keep feet warm. Boots that just have a cotton \ polyester lining will provide very little protection against the cold.

What are the most popular Hunter boots?

The Hunter Original range of boots are by far the most popular. The Hunter Original boots are a fashion boot rather than a practical ‘working’ boot. 

As mention previously always buy Hunter boots that fit your requirements, not because they are popular.

Where can I buy cheap Hunter boots?

Due to their popularity and iconic status it is often difficult to buy new cheap Hunter boots.

The best options for buying cheap Hunter boots are:

  • Buy second hand Hunter boots from online market places, like: eBay, Facebook Market Place, Vinted etc.
  • Occasionally resellers will have Hunter boots on sale, however often they are not that much less than the normal retail price
  • The Hunter website has a Sale section. Usually the sale items are limited, for example to a particular colour or a single size
  • Check the Deals section on If we spot Hunter boots on sale we will post a link to the retailer

When buying anything online always be wary of prices that look too good to be true!

What size Hunter boots should I get?

As a general rule, always buy Hunter boots that are the same size as your normal shoe size. Visit our boot sizing guide article for more information.

How do I clean Hunter boots?

Simply clean with warm water and a very mild detergent. Do not be tempted to clean with chemicals or strong detergents as this will cause damage to the natural rubber that the boots are made from. Take a look at our care & cleaning article for more information.

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