Guide to Getting the Right Size Wellies

Wellington Boots Sizing Guide

We hear lots of questions (and incorrect answers) on how to choose the right size wellies

Questions we get asked:
 ‘Should i buy wellies in a larger size’
‘How far up your leg should the boots go’
‘Will wellies fit wide calves’.  

Because so many people struggle to choose the the best size wellies, we’ve created this buyer’s guide which answers the most common questions about wellington boot sizes. 

Do you buy wellies in a bigger size?

You should buy wellies that are the same size as your shoe size. This is true for both men’s and women’s wellington boots. 

It is a common misconception that you should go a size larger in wellies. This idea of buying larger wellies probably came from a time when wellies were far more basic and little standardisation went into their design or production. Which meant sizes varied between the different manufacturers. People would buy a size larger, knowing that if the boots were too big, they could wear thick socks to get the boots to fit. Today’s wellies are designed and produced to modern shoe size standards.

It doesn’t matter if you buy wellie boots with a thick insulating inner layer or a thin cotton lining, you should still buy boots in your normal shoe size.

Should i go down a size in wellington boots?

No, you should always buy wellington boots in your normal shoe size. Wearing wellies that are too tight will be uncomfortable and will also mean your feet will feel the cold more, as there is no air around the feet to help keep them insulated. 

Even if you plan on wearing thin socks or no socks (not recommended) still go for your normal shoe size when buying wellies.

Do wellies stretch in size?

Yes, some wellington boots will stretch over time. This is especially true for wellies that are made out of natural rubber. Cheaper boots are often made out of PVC, which will not stretch.

Wellington boot manufacturers take into account that their boots will stretch very slightly when sizing the boot. So, you should still buy wellies that are the same size as your normal shoe size.

Should you go up a size in kids wellies?

As a general rule you should buy kid’s wellies that are the same size as their shoesHowever, we have noticed that lesser known brands and cheaper kid’s wellies are sometimes a little on the small size and the size up is required. 

As kids feet are always growing it might also be beneficial to buy a larger size, so the boots last for longer.

Take a look at our review of the best kid’s wellies

Will wellies fit wide calves?

Many of the big brand wellington boots manufacturers make wellies that are specially designed to fit wide calves.

When buying wellies for wide calves, look for an adjustable strap at the top of the boots, around the calf area. Make sure the strap is actually adjustable and not there for styling purposes, which is very common. Try Hunter Original adjustable boots, Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Boots (see our review) or Joules Welly Print Boots

Usually, manufacturers will say in the wellington boots product description if the boots are suitable for wide calves.

Some wellies have an elastic neoprene top part to the boot, which will stretch considerably, try these very popular Muck Boots

Another option is to buy short ankle wellies, which have become very popular and do a great job at keeping feet warm and dry. Take a look at our review of Joules Wellibobs boots which are great short boots. Buy Wellibobs

Which are better short ankle wellies or tall wellies?

Both short wellies and tall wellies are good, depending upon your needs.

Ask yourself, what is the main purpose you are buying wellington boots for? Answering this question will determine if you need short or tall wellies.

If you are going to want wellies that are quick and easy to slip on and off, to quickly pop outside, then consider short wellies. If you have wide calves, maybe short wellies are a better option.

Tall wellington boots are generally better for those who use them for work purposes, for example, gardening, yard work and farming. 

Both short and tall wellie boots come in a range of different styles, colours, linings and a range of different prices. 

Don’t forget there are also mid-height wellington boots!

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Kids Wellie Boots Sizes Guide

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Women's Wellie Boot Sizes Guide

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Men's Wellie Boot Sizes Guide

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