How to spot fake Hunter Boots

How to Tell if Hunter Boots are Fake

Hunter boots have become very popular in recent years thanks to their iconic status, they are the ‘must have’ brand of boots. Due to their popularity and relatively high price, Hunter boots have become are target for counterfeiters who are selling fake Hunter boots to unsuspecting customers. If you’re not careful you could end up with a pair! So, how do you know the difference between fake Hunter boots and the genuine thing? Below are a some key indicators that you should watch for when shopping for Hunter boots

The Hunter Logo

The Hunter logo label is actually more difficult to fake than you might think. The logo is located at the  top front of the boots. It is black text on a white rectangular label with a red border. You can look at the logo on the Hunter website and compare it to the boots you’re looking at if you want to verify how it should look. The print should  be clear and easily readable with no faded colours or blurry lines Hunter Logo It should be noted that not all Hunter boots have the ‘Hunter’ logo. Some boots, for example the Hunter Argyll boots have the ‘Argyll’ logo instead Hunter Argyll Logo The silver buckle at the top of the boots should also have ‘Hunter’ etched on to them. Not all boots have a buckle. Hunter Buckle with logo

Weight and Texture

Real Hunter boots are made from vulcanized rubber which means that the boots have a decent weight to them. The imitation boots are made from a much cheaper and thinner rubber which makes them feel very lightweight. The cheap rubber also has a rough texture, while the real boots will feel completely smooth.  

Authentic Colours

Hunter make their boots in a range of colours, its one of the reasons they are so popular. The boots come in range of classic colours which are always available and they also produce one off colours and designs for a limited period.

The fake boots never match the colours of the genuine boots. They are often a different shade, looked faded and just don’t have the quality finish, especially the glossy boots. 

Hunter boots colourful fashion boots
Colourful Hunter Boots

Purchase From a Reputable Supplier

Although buying from the Hunter website is the best way to ensuring that you don’t end up with a fake, there are many other trusted online retailers. The Hunter site has a list of stockists for UK and US where you can purchase their products, so it’s unlikely that you would get a fake. If buying Hunter boots from Amazon or a similar market place retailer, read the reviews to see if any customers have had problems with buying fake Hunter boots.

It is quite possible for a retailer to been supplied with counterfeit boots, without realising. So, don’t automatically assume that just because a retailer is well known and trusted, they won’t sell fake boots. Hopefully you would have no problems returning fake boots and getting your money back.

Hunter Boot soles

One tell tale sign that a Hunter boot is fake is the pattern on the soles. Often the fake Hunter boots have very different looking soles to the original boots. Most of the boots that Hunter sell on their website have pictures of the soles, which can be used to compare with any boots suspected of being fake.

Genuine Hunter Boot Sole
Example of Genuine Hunter Boot Sole

Low Price Hunter Boots

Be suspicious of very low priced Hunter boots. If you see some boots that look particularly cheap, check on the Hunter website to see the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). If the boots are considerably less then be suspicious.

It is always a good idea to use a credit card or a service like PayPal when making online orders, as you will get protection on the purchase.

Hunter Boots in Half Sizes

Hunter boots are not available in half sizes. So if you see any Hunter boots for sale that are available in a half size it could potentially indicate its a fake!

Why You Should NOT Buy Fake Hunter Boots

Here are some very good reason for not buying fake Hunter boots:

  • The quality of the boots is often nowhere near the high standard of the genuine boots. The rubber is very thin and the boots are not well constructed. Expect counterfeit Hunter boots to last a very short time before they rip and start falling apart. Owners of fake boots have also reported that they have a very uncomfortable insole that provides next to no cushioning and moves about in the boots

  • Encouraging more fake boots to the market. If the the people selling fake boots are getting money, then they will continue to keep make counterfeit boots. This is not good for the manufacturer or the customer

  • Fake boots don’t look good. People primarily buy Hunter Boots because they look good. Fake boots do not look good, they look cheap and nasty. Even from a distance it is easy to see the colour of the boots look washed out and faded

Final Thoughts

It’s not always easy to spot fake Hunter boots, especially when buying online and you can’t physically see the boots before purchasing. If you’re suspicious that the boots are not genuine, then it’s best to avoid buying them and look elsewhere

Richard Cutts

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