Grubs Rainline Wellies Review

Women's Comfort Fit Wellington Boots

The Rainline boots meet Grubs four key design requirements, which are to be warm, waterproof, comfortable and have good traction. This makes them an excellent practical wellie for wearing in the garden, yard work and for walking. The boots also have a unique look compared to the other wellie brands. Read our full Grubs Rainline wellies review below for more details about the boots.

Value for Money
Build Quality

Grubs Rainline Wellies Review - Women's Boots

Grubs Rainline Wellington Boots Review
Date of review Sept 2021 by Richard 


Our Verdict

+ Suitable for wide calvesBuild quality could be better
+ Insulated foot area Only 1 year guarantee
+ Good traction 
+ Comfortable 
+ Good value for money 

A pair of good quality wellingtons can be challenging to find. Those of us who use them on a regular basis day for tasks such as gardening and yard work, know how important it is to find wellies that can keep the water and cold out but at the same time aren’t too heavy or flimsy.

Grubs are not as well known as some other big wellington boot manufacturers, like Hunter, Joules and Aigle. But not having a big brand name doesn’t mean you can’t make a decent wellie boot. Thanks to Grubs four fundamental design principles, ‘Comfort’, ‘Warmth’, ‘Waterproof’, and ‘Grip’, the company makes quality wellies that do the job they are made for!

Grubs Rainline Wellie Boots: Features

  • Neoprene stretch panel on shaft (for better fit around claves)
  • Inside material: Boot shaft – Cotton \ polyester
  • Inside material: Foot area – Foam lining
  • Outside material: Natural Rubber
  • Fit Type: Slightly on the large side
  • Heel Type: Block 2cm Height 
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Suggested temperature ranges: -10 to +20 Celsius 
  • Women’s boots 3 colours: Black, Navy & Heather 
  • Sizes: Women 3 UK to 9 UK

Boot Style and Look

Grubs Rainline boots are based on the typical wellington boots look, but Grubs have added their own unique modern look. The bottom part of the boot has a sturdy look due to the thick sole and the way the boot has been shaped. It should be noted that boots are actually relatively lightweight, even though their appearance would indicate otherwise.

The rear of the top part of the boot has a stretchy neoprene section, which ensures that the boots fit snuggly against the leg but also gives the boots additional character.

Grubs Rainline Boots
Grubs Rainline Boots - Black

Boot Construction

The Grubs Rainline boots are primarily made from high quality natural rubber on the outside. This gives the boots plenty of flexibility whilst still providing sufficient support. The natural rubber ensures the boots are completely waterproof. 

A stretch panel on the rear of the shaft is made from Neoprene. This material is 100% waterproof and provides an excellent calf fit, for both ‘normal’ and larger calf sizes. The neoprene also has the added benefit of making it easier to put the boots on and take them off.

The soles of the Rainline boots are made from ‘Duraprene’ rubber and use a technology called ‘Trax’, which gives a superior grip on most surfaces. The treads of the boots have been specially designed to work with the foot to achieve the maximum amount of traction.

The inner linings of the boot are designed using Grubs ‘Superdri technology to disperse moisture (sweat) and heat. This helps prevent the boots from smelling and maximises foot comfort. It also means that the Rianline boots can comfortably be worn all year round. 

The insole of the boots is 6mm thick, protecting feet from the cold and also giving additional comfort. The insole can be removed and washed.

The heel of the boots has been specially designed to absorb shock using a technology called ‘Hexzorb’. We don’t know exactly what or how ‘Hexzorb’ works; all we know is that it does work. When walking in the boots, we found each step was cushioned, making walking more comfortable and putting less strain on the body, especially the knees and back.

Grubs Rainboots for Wide Calf
Stretchy neoprene for snug fit


Grubs prides themselves on being a forward thinking company and coming up with designs and features that make their boots stand out from the crowd. As you probably noticed in the ‘Materials’ section of this review, there are a lot of technical terms unique to Grubs. All of which is to help maximise the Rainline boot’s comfort.

We can confirm all that technology does make the boots very comfortable. They can be used for walking long distances and wearing for long periods of time without causing any discomfort.

Thanks to the insulated foot area and protective sole, the boots are suitable for wearing in cold conditions. Grubs suggests that the boots will keep feet warm in temperatures as cold as -10ºC!

Because Grubs boots are designed to give a snug fit, it is important to buy the correct size boots to get the maximum benefits. 

Grubs Rainline sizing table


BOOT HEIGHT (mm on leg)

CALVE WIDTH (circumference in mm)










Grubs Rainline Wellie Boots: The Bad

The most common complaint is about the sizing of the boots. Customers have reported that the boots generally come up slightly on the large side. So, make sure you use the Grubs sizing chart before buying.

Another customer complaint is that the stitching on the inside of the boots around the ankle area can rub against the feet. This has only been reported by a small number of customers. This issue could potentially be due to wearing the wrong size boots.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Grubs Rainline Wellington boots offer good quality for the price. And with a bit of careful thinking about the size, you will get yourself a pair of long lasting wellies that will serve you well.

Questions and Answers: Grubs Rainwell Boots

Are Grubs boots any good?

Yes, Grubs boots are generally pretty good. They are a good alternative to many larger brands, usually at a considerably lower price.

How do you look after Grubs boots?

It is advisable to wash Grubs boots every now and then with warm water and mild detergent. Other than that, the boots require very little care and maintenance.

Do Grubs boots come up big?

Grubs boots are made to standard shoe sizes. So, as a general rule, you should buy Grubs boots that are the same size as your normal shoe size. However, customer feedback would suggest that the boots generally come up on the large side.

Are Grubs boots available in half sizes?

No, Grubs boots are only available in whole sizes. If you are usually a half size, then is probably best to go a size up. If the boots feel too big, then inserting an insole may help improve the fit.

What guarantee do you get with Grubs boots?

All boots come with a one-year guarantee. The guarantee is against defects in workmanship and materials.

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