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When you think of rain proof footwear, historically, UGG boots wouldn’t spring to mind! After huge success with their sheepskin boots, UGG have developed leather boots and a waterproof range to include hiking and snow boots. One of the latest editions to this range is the Droplet – a rubber rain boot that comes in a fabulous selection of colours, bright enough to cheer up any cloudy day!

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Ugg Droplet Review

UGG Droplet Boots Review
Date of review December 2022 by Richard 


Our Verdict

+ Funky, chunky stylish designTowards the higher end of price range
+ Easy to get on & take offAvailability of colours is variable
+ Warm fluffy UGG insole 

+ Environmentally conscious production


Features: Droplet Boots

  • Adjustments: No
  • Inside material: Textile
  • Outside material:  Mixed
  • Fit wide calves: Yes
  • Waterproof: 100% 
  • Colours: 6
  •  Sizes (Women)3 UK to 8 UK –  6 US to 12 US
  • Boot Height: Ankle boots

What colours are the Droplet boots available in

Its brilliant to see wet weather boots in such a range of bright colours. The shades of colour used are strong but carefully selected to prevent them from being garish. It would definitely be nice to have one pair in black or grey and another pair in one of the bright colours. Here they all are:

  • All black
  • Dove Grey with black liner and grey sole
  • White with black liner and black sole
  • Emerald Green with black liner and black Sole
  • Samba Red with red liner and sole
  • Hazard Orange with black liner and black sole
Ugg Droplet Multiple Colours
Ugg Droplet boots available in six colours

How stylish are the UGG rain boots

Several brands are making ankle boot wellies now, but we like the chunkier look of the UGG Droplet. The design is simple and strong, based on the classic Chelsea boot. They have added some nice, moulded detail on the toe and some faux stitching on the sides for extra interest. 

Everything about it is lovely and chunky, the silhouette of the boot, the shape of the side cut out, even the UGG label pull tab is big and bold. They give you a ‘ready for anything’ look, show that you mean business and aren’t going to let a little rain get in the way! 

Materials and sustainability

As expected from UGG, the Droplet is made to a high-quality finish. A process of injection moulding has been used to make the upper from one piece of rubber so no seams to potentially cause a problem down the line. 

The UGG label, which is also a strong woven pull tab, is fixed securely to the back of the boot. The side cut out shows a Neoprene collar, or sock liner. Neoprene, being waterproof and stretchy is a great choice for comfort and further protection from the rain. Inside is the signature UGG cosy fluffy insole. The fluff that we all love consists of 10mm of curly plush upcycled wool (offcuts and scraps processed into new fibres) and Tencell™ lycocell which is a fibre produced from sustainably sourced wood pulp with environmentally responsible processes. Hats (or boots) off to UGG for being environmentally conscious.

How good is the grip \ traction

The Droplet has an EVA footbed which is a rubber-like plastic characterised by its cushioning qualities that make every step feel gently absorbed. This, along with the nonslip tread and sturdy heel make for a good grip on wet or uneven ground.

Ugg Droplet Sole and Traction

Best uses for UGG Droplet boots

They are great for showery weather or venturing out after a downpour. Also ideal for a dewy morning or any other conditions that a full wellington would possibly be considered over the top! Perfect for standing on the side-lines of a winter football match, excellent for camping and brilliant for a beach walk in the winter. 

Warmth: With the sock liner and wool insole acting as insulation you will be cosy and comfortable on a cold day even with a covering of snow on the ground.

Comfort and fit of the Droplet boots

These are seriously comfortable footwear. With all the technology involved in producing them it’s no surprise that there is a nice cushioned, bounce feeling as you walk. The height of the boot offers support for the ankle and the stretch in the neoprene makes them easy to get on and off.

Although generally true to size, we strongly recommend you take advantage of the UGG size chart. Carefully measure your foot and compare to the chart to ensure an accurate fit. The width is average, to possibly slightly narrow, so for a wider foot, consider ordering a size up if you are unsure or would like room for extra socks.

Final thoughts: UGG Droplet boots review

Ugg Droplet boots are fun, bright and chunky. They are a statement piece that will enhance your outfit as well as being a practical choice that will last you a long time.

They are positioned at the upper end of the price range for ankle boot wellies, but do represent the UGG experience of excellent design, style, high quality and comfort. 


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Questions and Answers: Ugg Droplet Boots

Is Neoprene waterproof?

Yes – it’s a form of rubber and is waterproof. On the Droplet however, it is a liner rather than a tight-fitting cuff, so although waterproof, water can enter the boot from the top.

Is the sock liner removeable?

No, it is fixed to the boot to keep water out.

Are the Droplet boots easy to clean?

Yes, wipe clean after use with a warm soapy cloth to keep them pristine and bright.

Are they easy to get on?

Yes, the neoprene lining is snug but not tight, so they are easy to get on and off.


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