Mac in a Sac Origin Waterproof Jacket Review

Unisex Packable Rain Coat

The Mac in a Sac origin jacket is water resistant, with taped seams and water repellent zips. Packs away into a small bag. Available in over 20 different colours. Constructed from a tough polyester material that will not easily rip. Very functional jacket that doesn’t look like you’re wearing a bin bag.

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Mac in a Sac Origin II Waterproof Jacket Review
Date of review October 2021 by Richard 


Our Verdict

+ Very lightweight No issues found
Windproof & waterproof 
+ Adjustable hood 
+ Good quality 

If you’ve been online and searched for a ‘packable waterproof jacket’ or something similar, you’ve probably seen there are literally thousands of different options. To help save you some time, we have reviewed the Mac in a Sac Origin 2 waterproof jacket, which we think should definitely be on your shortlist. 

Mac in a Sac Origin: Features

  • Adjustments: Adjustable hood, hem draw cord
  • Material: Polyester
  • Windproof: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes (10000mm)
  • Breathable: Yes, back air vent (8000gsm)
  • Colours: 20 plus colours
  • Sizes: XXS to XXXL
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Weight: Approx. 300 grams \ 10 ounces 
  • Taped seams
  • PFC & PFOA free (better for environment)

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Is the Mac in a Sac jacket waterproof?

Obviously, one of the most important features of a waterproof jacket is that it is waterproof!

Mac in a Sac jackets are highly waterproof, primarily thanks to the polyester material that the jackets are made from, but features of the jacket also play an important role in making the jacket waterproof.

  • Elastic cuffs – Ensuring a good fit around wrists to stop water penetrating
  • An adjustable hem drawstring – Tightens the bottom of the jacket. Particularly useful if it’s wet & windy
  • Adjustable hood –  Ensure the doesn’t blow of your head
  • Taped seams and reverse zips – Helps prevent water from penetrating the jacket

For all of the above reasons, the Mac in a Sac Origin 2 jacket is highly water resistant. However, the jackets are not 100% waterproof. In extreme wet weather conditions, moisture will penetrate through the jacket.

Mac in a Sac has a hood and Bag
Mac in a Sac - Origin 2 Jacket


One of the big complaints about jackets made from polyester is that they don’t allow sufficient airflow to get rid of moisture (sweat) in the jacket. The build-up of moisture makes the jacket feel damp and clingy, making it uncomfortable to wear.

The Mac in a Sac Origin has a large vent on the back of the jacket to allow airflow and the material is far more breathable than other similar jackets. 


When you buy a packable waterproof jacket, style is probably not going to be one of the most important features you look for. But, we think most people will be pleasantly surprised with how the Origin 2 looks. 

  • Unlike many other similar jackets the Origin 2 does not feel like you’re wearing a bin bag. The jacket has a really nice fit, not too baggy and not too tight. 
  • The Origin 2 comes in a range of over 20 different colours, that can be used to match with your favourite wellington boots.
Mac in a Sac Origin comes in many different colours
Mac in a Sac - Range of Different Colours Available


Besides being highly waterproof, the other big benefit of the Origin 2 jacket is its ultra portable. The jacket weighs in at about 300 grams \ 10 ounces, this varies slightly depending on the size of the jacket. 

The jacket comes with a small bag or ‘Sac’ into which the jacket can be stored when not in use. The bag with the jacket in is slightly bigger than a 330ml drinks can.

Mac In A Sac fits in a small bag
Mac in a Sac packs into a small bag

The negatives

The Origin 2 has been designed as a lightweight, portable, waterproof jacket and it does these things extremely well.

Things to be aware of:

  • The Mac in Sac has no insulation, so it will not keep you warm in the cold. Warm clothes can easily be worn underneath the jacket for warmth.
  • If weather conditions are extremely wet and windy, the jacket may not keep you completely dry. 

Best For

Where to begin, the Mac in a Sac Origin has so many different uses. Unlike many packable jackets which are really only suitable for occasional ’emergency’ use, the Origin is of sufficient quality it can be used as an everyday jacket. 

Final Thoughts

There are loads of lightweight waterproof jackets on the market and most that we have seen are little more than plastic bags. They’re often made from a very weak plastic material which is prone to ripping. Many could only be considered splash proof at best, certainly not waterproof.

The Mac in a Sac Origin 2 jacket is a little bit more expensive compared to other similar jackets, but paying that little be more, really is worth it.

For the price, we doubt you’ll find a better packable waterproof jacket….BUY the Mac in a Sac Origin jacket TODAY!

Mac in a Sac Questions & Answers

Mac in a Sac Origin 2 sizing guide?

Mac in a Sac sizing chart
Mac in a Sac Origin 2 Size table

Is Mac in a Sac 100% Waterproof?

No, Mac in a Sac is not 100% waterproof. It is highly waterproof, but in extremely wet conditions, water will penetrate the jacket.

Where are Mac in a Sac made?

Mac in a Sac is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We do not have information on where the Mac in a Sac waterproof jackets are actually made.

Should I size up when buying a Mac in a Sac?

Use the Mac in a Sac sizing table to determine the correct size jacket for your size. The Mac in a Sac origin jacket is only designed to be waterproof, it offers very little in the way of warmth. If you are going to wear thick warm clothing under the jacket, then we recommend getting a larger size. 

How do I get a Mac in a Sac into the bag?

There is no special technique in getting the mac into the sac \ bag. It can stuffed in or neatly folded; it doesn’t matter. However, if you do stuff it in, expect the jacket to be creased when you take it out. Although we found the creases disappeared after a while on their own.

The Mac in a Sac website suggests folding the jacket using a particular method. 

Does Mac in a Sac Origin II keep you warm?

No, the jacket has been designed to keep you dry and protect from the wind. You will need to wear warm clothes underneath the Origin II jacket

Are there children’s sizes?

Yes, Mac in a Sac Origin II jackets are available in children’s sizes. Infact, the is a very wide range m, 

Are there other products available from Mac in a Sac?

While Mac In A Sac is best known for their packable rain jackets, they also offer other products like waterproof trousers, overtrousers, and ponchos, depending on the collection and season.

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