Muck Forager Boots Review

Foldable Unisex Rubber Boots

The Forager boots are 100% waterproof. They have an adjustable gaiter collar that can be used to create a seal at the top of the boot. They’re super comfortable and can be worn all day. The Forager boots have the unique ability to fold down to short or mid-height boots. Great as practical work boots that also look good.

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Muck Boots Forager Review

Muck Forager Boots Review
Date of review October 2021 by Richard Cutts 


Our Verdict

+ Boots fold to different heightsNo Insulating lining
Really comfortable 
+ Adjustable gaiter collar 
+ Lightweight 

Many rubber boots feel heavy, hot and uncomfortable. That might be okay for an hour of yard work but not so good if you wear boots most of the day. So, is there a pair of boots that you can use for all kinds of active work and wear all day with comfort and confidence?

We road-test the Muck Boots Forager boots (available from Amazon) to see how they hold up in different conditions. Are they the “Holy Grail” of all-around boots that you can use for work to play, from summer to winter? Read our Muck Boots Forager Boots Review to find out.

Muck Forager Boots: Features

  • Wear as short boot or tall boot
  • Memory foam foot bed
  • Adjustable gaiter collar
  • NZYM Odour and moisture management 
  • Fit Type: Slightly on the small side
  • Waterproof: 100% waterproof
  • Colours: 4 – Black, Grey, Tan & Brown
  • Sizes (unisex): 4 UK to 13 UK – 5 US to 14 US
  • Boot Height: Adjustable, up to max height of 42cm/ 16.5″
  • Maximum calf circumference: Approximately 47cm/ 18.5″


The Forager boots are 100% waterproof and have a gaiter at the collar of the boot that can be tightened to prevent dirt and water from going in over the top of the boots.

The boots are lightweight rubber and have no reinforced protection, such as steel toe caps. So, If you happen to drop something heavy on your foot, it’s going to hurt. If you work with heavy or metal objects a lot, consider getting the Muck Boot Chore boots with reinforced ankle and toe.

The all purpose work sole prevents skidding and slipping, even on wet surfaces. The boots don’t have the same grip you get from hiking boots or the thickness of industrial work boots. But for most people, the traction provided by the Forager boots sole should be more than sufficient.


Often rubber boots are designed with very little thought on how they look. Fortunately, Muck Boots have put a considerable amount of thought into how their Forager boots look. They have a very sleek look and don’t have the clumpy appearance that many other rubber boots have.

The (nearly) unique ability to easily convert the boots from tall boots to mid-height boots to short boots is great. This allows the boots to be styled with whatever you’re wearing.

The Forager boots are unisex and are available in four colours: black, brown, tan and dark grey. 

Muck Boots Forager Can Adjust To Tall Medium Short
Muck Boots Forager - Tall, Medium and Short


Comfort is where the Muck Forager boots really win the game. They are noticeably lighter and more flexible than other rubber boots. You can wear them for a whole day of yard work or walk miles of rocky terrain without your feet feeling constricted or fatigued.

They’re 100% waterproof, but that doesn’t mean they trap heat like other rubber waterproof boots. You can comfortably wear them in hot, wet weather, thanks to the patented NZYM™ system that prevents foot moisture and odour. The footbed also has an anti-microbial insert to keep “foot itch” at bay.

The boots have a memory foam footbed which gives great cushioning and support, and you will feel the positive difference after a few hours of walking. The insole is removable, so it can easily be washed if required. The removable insole also means if you have a foot condition that requires a special insole, then the supplied insole can easily be replaced.

The outsole of the boots is tough but also very flexible making the boots great for walking. lesser boots have Inflexible soles, which can cause cramps and sores, especially if you’re flatfooted. 

The only negative point to raise about comfort, is the fact the boots do not have a warm insulating lining. This is to be expected, as the boots have been purposely designed to be lightweight and flexible, this would not be achievable if the boots had a thick layer of insulation.


The boots are very lightweight and flexible which makes them perfect as travel rain boots. They come with a Muck nylon bag which they can be conveniently stored in. 

Muck Forager Boots Bag for Travel
Forager boots folded up in Muck Bag


The boots are about 42 centimetres \ 16.5 inches high (as a tall boot), with a calf circumference of about 47 centimetres \ 18.5 inches.

The boots can be described as having a ‘snug’ fit which helps support the calves, helping to reduce fatigue. Unfortunately, the boots do not have any type of adjustment on the shaft, which does mean that they are not going to be suitable for people with wide calves. However, the height of the boots can be adjusted, so if you do have wide calves it may be possible to use the boots as mid-height or short boots.

To get the best out of the Muck Forager boots, it’s really important to get the correct size boots. We found that the Forager boots are true to size, so if you do buy a pair, go for your normal shoe size. As with just about all wellington boots, the Forager do not come in half sizes. If your shoe size is a half size, then size up. 

Muck Forager Boots Review: Final Thoughts

The Muck Boots Forager Rain Boots are a good pair of rubber boots for someone who wants comfortable and versatile rubber boots, that look good.

All in all, the Muck Boots Forager rain boots are great rubber boots that we have given a rating of 4.5 out 5.0


SaleBestseller No. 1
Muck Boots Unisex Forager Tall Pull On Packable Waterproof Boot, Black, 4
Muck Boots Unisex Forager Tall Pull On Packable Waterproof Boot, Black, 4
100 Percent Waterproof; Easy-to-Fold Rubber Upper Enables Multiple Shaft Height Options; Loc-Tite Adjustable Closure System and MuckSTOP Gaiter collar
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SaleBestseller No. 2
Muck Boots Unisex Forager Pull On Packable Waterproof Boot, Black, 9
Muck Boots Unisex Forager Pull On Packable Waterproof Boot, Black, 9
100 Percent Waterproof; Easy-to-Fold Rubber Upper; Loc-Tite Adjustable Closure System and MuckSTOP
Bestseller No. 3
Muck Boots Unisex Forager Pull On Packable Waterproof Boot, Dark Grey, 9
Muck Boots Unisex Forager Pull On Packable Waterproof Boot, Dark Grey, 9
100 Percent Waterproof, 100 Percent MUCKPROOF; Guarden Rubber Toe and Heel for Durability and Extended Wear
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Questions and Answers: Muck Forager Boots

How tall are Forager boots?

The height varies depending on the size of the boots. A size 8 is approximately 16.5 inches \ 42 cm in height

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