Lakeland Active Rydal Wellie Boots Review

Neoprene Insulated Wellington Boots

Lakeland Active Rydal wellington boots are a high quality work boot. Ideal for gardening, yard work and walking. The boots have think breathable neoprene insulation to keep feet warm in sub zero temperatures. They offer excellent value for money when compared to other similar big brand name boots. Find out more below, in our full Lakeland Active Rydal wellie boots review.

Value for Money
Build Quality

Lakeland Active Rydal Wellington Boot Review

Lakeland Active Rydal Review
Date of review July 2021 by Clair 

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Our Verdict

+ Keep feet warm in extreme coldOn the heavy side
High quality constructionFit not true to size. Larger than expected
+ Good value for money 
+ Comfortably wear all day 

Wellington boots have become very popular in the past few decade, which has meant the market has become flooded with loads of new brands. This has made it harder for the customer to know the good wellies from the bad wellies. 

Lakeland Active is one of the relatively new brands to the market and is looking to make the Wellington boots concept more relevant than ever with its own take on the formula. So, let’s see if their new Rydal wellies are as good and unique as Lakeland Active claims them to be, in our Lakeland Active Rydal wellington boot review.

Rydal Wellies Features

  • Slip-on wellies
  • Inside material: 5mm Neoprene 
  • Outside material: Natural rubber
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Kick rim (helps to take boots off)
  • Steel reinforced sole
  • 3 colours: Moss Green, Black & Plum (Women only)
  • Sizes: Men UK7 to UK13 – Women UK3 to UK8  

The Lakeland Active Rydal boots are durable and will withstand all weather conditions such as rain and snow with ease. Additionally, the 5 mm neoprene insulation provides flexibility, comfort, and warmth during cold winter days. The boots’ treads are reinforced with steel for added durability.

The boots are designed more as a functional boot (e.g. walking, riding, gardening) rather than for fashion. This means the design is fairly uninspired and the colour options are limited to three for the women’s Rydal boots and only two colours for the men’s Rydal boots.

Our Impressions of Lakeland Active Rydal Wellies

The design is simple yet practical, the boots feature tough rubber accents, which increase the boots durability. There’s a handy kick rim that makes removing the boots extremely easy. The hardened rubber soles provide grip and traction on wet and slippery surfaces. 

Lakeland Active Rydal Wellie Boots Review
(Image Credit: Lakeland Active) Rydal Boots in Mud


When it comes to functional wellington boots, comfort is high on the list of requirements and the Lakeland Active Rydal boots don’t disappoint. The 5mm neoprene insulation makes wearing the boots a pleasant experience, especially during long walks through uneven terrain. While some wellington boots can cause fatigue, the Rydal boots provide the same great comfort level throughout the day.

Thanks to the slip-on styling, you don’t have to deal with straps or zips. As soon as you put the boots on, they will provide a snug fit, preventing them from slipping off your feet.

Traction \ Grip

It seems that Lakeland knows that traction matters, as it went above and beyond when designing the Rydal boots. Their soles are made out of tough rubber, which provides increased traction on all types of surfaces. In fact, we were able to traverse everything from rocks and pavement to mud and snow with ease.

As a result of our tests, we can happily say that the Lakeland Active Rydal boots are highly durable and versatile. We were able to maintain good footing no matter the type of terrain. So you can safely use them for all sorts of surfaces without the fear of slipping or falling.

Rydal Wellies - Kick Rim and Sole
Rydal Welington Boots - Kick Rim and Steel Reinforced sole


Last but not least, we need to look at how the Active Rydal boots handle cold temperatures. The 5mm layer of neoprene is able to provide warmth and comfort right down to temperatures as low as -20°C

Thanks to the breathable materials of the Active Rydal boots, feet will not get too hot and sweaty on warmer days. As a result, you can use the Lakeland Active Rydal boots throughout the year.

Lakeland Active Rydal Wellies Review: Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Lakeland knocked it out of the park with its Rydal boots. Not only are they some of the most comfortable boots on the market, but they are durable and reliable. Also, thanks to some smart design choices, such as the inclusion of a kick rim, the Active Rydal boots are versatile and practical. While a few more styles to choose from would have been nice, there’s no denying that the Active Rydal boots are definitely worth your time and money.



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