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Short Rain Boots

Joules Wellibobs are short ankle boots that have been designed to be put on \ taken off easily. They are 100% waterproof and have a removable faux fur lining for warmth. They’re great for quickly popping on when going outside on a rainy day. Find out more in our Joules Wellibobs boots review below.

Value for Money
Build Quality

Joules Wellibobs short boots Review

Joules Wellibob Boots Review
Date of review August 2021 by Richard 


Our Verdict

+ Includes fake fur lining for warmth Inner lining prone to slipping
+ Surprisingly comfortable– Fit not true to size. Customer reports being too large
+ Removable lining 
Very quick & easy to put on 
+ Stylish boots 

Let’s be honest — finding the perfect pair of rain boots can be tricky. For starters, they need to be comfortable while also providing protection and warmth. If you care about style, things become even more difficult, as many manufacturers use dull designs.

However, with its Wellibob collection, Joules is looking to redefine rain boots and bring its own unique touch to the industry. But did Joules manage to do that, or is its offer just another addition to an already overcrowded market? Our Joules Wellibob review is here to help you decide whether you should give them a try.

Features: Joules Wellibob Boots

  • Short Ankle boots
  • Inside material: Faux-fur lining (removable)
  • Outside material: Natural rubber
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Pull tab & elastic side
  • 1-inch high heel
  • Many different colours, patterns and prints
  • Sizes: Women 3 UK to 9 UK  

So, what are Wellibob boots? According to Joules, Wellibob’s are a unique take on the classic Wellington boots (aka rain boots). They are made of the same material, natural rubber, but are shaped into the fashionable bootie cut. As a result, they are much shorter than most rubber boots, yet they still provide protection and comfort.

Wellibob rain boots have a removable faux fur insole that adds an extra layer of warmth for those cold winter days. The boots also have an elasticated gusset and pull tab at the back of the boot, which allows for easy on and off.

So, on paper, the Joules Wellibobs boots sound pretty good, especially if you enjoy fashionable boots. But let’s take a closer look and see if they manage to impress us.

Our Impressions of Joules Wellibobs

We can’t deny that the Joules Wellibobs stunned us as soon as we opened the package. Their unique design and low profile are what make them stand out from any other rubber boots we have ever tried. In fact, we were very excited about giving them a try and seeing how they compare to similar short boots.

It’s worth noting that the build quality is really impressive, giving off a high-end vibe that most short wellie boots fail to provide. We were a bit concerned about the insole and elasticated gusset quality, they look sturdy and durable enough, but only time will tell. All in all, the Joules Wellibobs boots look promising!

Joules Wellibobs Short Boots
(Image Credit: Joules) Wellibobs Boots

How Stylish Are Welliebob Boots

As previously mentioned, the Joules Wellibobs boots have a unique style and design. We aren’t only talking about their shape but also the patterns. With more than 20 prints and patterns available, you can surely find one that fits your style.

For our Wellibobs review, we went for a simple yet interesting design, a blue boot, yellow sole and features dog prints. The print quality is impressive and wouldn’t fade anytime soon, even when exposed to rain and sunlight. So, if you want a fashionable pair of boots, Joules has got you covered!

How Comfortable are Welliboob Boots

When it comes to comfort, we can happily say that the Joules Wellibobs boots don’t disappoint. Thanks to their faux fur insole and interior lining, our feet felt comfortable all throughout the day. If you aren’t excited about the fur insoles, you can always replace them with an after market option for additional comfort or use socks.

It’s also worth mentioning that, while some short heeled wellie boots tend to become uncomfortable over a period of time walking, the Wellibobs didn’t cause any fatigue or pain.

But what’s truly special about Wellibobs is their ease of wearing. The elasticated gusset and looped pull tabs allowed us to put the boots on and take them off without any hassle. 

Joules Welliebob boots have good grip
(Image Credit: Joules) Wellibobs Boot Grips

Weather Protection

Just like any Wellington boots, the Wellibobs protect against rain, snow, and other weather conditions. In fact, all pairs are 100% waterproof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about water infiltration. Thanks to the high-quality rubber, we are almost certain that you won’t have to deal with holes or ruptures from general wear and tear any time soon.

Due to the Wellibobs boot’s short ankle design, some raindrops do slip down the top, and they won’t cope with deep puddles and streams.

How Warm are Wellibob Boots

The faux fur lining of the Joules Wellibobs is very soft and provides enough warmth for low temperatures. And if you want even more heat retention, you can change the insole with thicker material such as wool.

However, the lining wasn’t as effective when the temperatures dropped closer to the freezing point. So keep that in mind if you plan on using the Joules Wellibobs during the harsh winter days.

Joules Wellibobs Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s easy to see why the Joules Wellibobs are some of the most exciting and unique short boots on the market. Not only are they comfortable, but they also provide enough protection against weather conditions. Furthermore, thanks to their stylish prints and patterns, the Wellibobs boots are also fashionable.

So if you want a nice-looking and reliable pair of short boots, you can’t go far wrong with a pair Joules Wellibobs short wellington boots.

Questions & Answers: Joules Welliebob Boots

Are Joules Welliebob boots warm?

Yes, they are warm, thanks to the faux fur lining. However, they are not really suitable for sub-zero conditions

Are Joules Welliebob true to size?

You should buy Welliebob boots that are the same size as your normal shoe size. Some customers have reported that the boots come up large. We did not find this the case with our review pair of boots. If you find the boots come up large, try inserting an insole.

Where are Joules Welliebob boots made?

Joules Welliebobs are made in China.

Do Joules Welliebob make your feet sweat?

Because the boots are made from rubber, they do not ‘breathe’ particularly well. Wearing socks with the boots will help control sweat.

How heavy are Joules Welliebob boots?

The boots are fairly lightweight. They way on average 0.5KG

How long do Joules Welliebob boots last?

You should expect to get at least a couple of years of use out of them. Obviously, this does depend on how often and what you are using the boots for.

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