Cotswold Sandringham Wellington Boots Review

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Good quality, everyday functional wellington boots that are perfect for taking the dog for a walk on a wet day. The boots are made from PVC and are 100% waterproof. Available in eight different colours. The Sandringham boots look similar to Hunter Original boots, but are far less expensive. Full review of Cotswold Sandringham boots below.

Value for Money
Build Quality

Cotswold Sandringham Wellington Boots Review

Cotswold Sandringham Wellington Boots Review
Date of review October 2021 by Richard 


Our Verdict

+ Look similar to Hunter OriginalsNot good for wide calves
8 different colours Made from PVC
+ Affordable price 

Whether you’re splashing through puddles on your way to work, walking the dog, or striding across the fields on a windy autumn day, the Cotswold Sandringham wellington boots will keep you dry and mud free.

Cotswold Sandringham Boots: Features

  • Adjustments: Buckle (decorative only)
  • Inside material: Textile lining
  • Outside material: PVC
  • Fit Type: True to size
  • Heel Type: Block heel
  • Waterproof: 100% waterproof
  • Colours: 8
  • Sizes: Women 3UK to 9UK
  • Kick spur (easy boot removal)

They are Stylish

With a tall calf and an elegant buckle strap reminiscent of equestrian boots, the style is often compared to the Hunters Original brand. Sandringham fits snugly through the calf and ankle. Unlike less-fitted rain boots, these boots won’t flop around your calves and feet when you’re walk.

The fitted design allows them to stay secure while you are walking or working. The boots’ long shaft, stops just below the knee, which creates an elongated silhouette.

They are Functional

Despite its classic look, the Sandringham is also built for rugged use. The western style block heel offers the ability to grip a stirrup or keep your balance on a muddy slope or while cleaning out a farmyard pen.

Meanwhile, the thick soles and textured treads help grip and reduce slippage. Its sturdy sole makes it a good choice for icy weather conditions. The insole does not have a thick pad, this can easily be remedied by slipping in a thicker insole.

They are Comfortable

If you’re looking for a nice boot that keeps your legs and feet dry during a wet or muddy day, the Sandringham is a great choice. The boots are lined and padded for extra comfort. Though you probably wont want to wear them for extensive walking.

Crafted from a soft and flexible PVC material, the boot remains supple and adapts easily to your everyday lifestyle and needs.

They are Waterproof

The Cotswold brand had wet, cold, and muddy weather in mind when they designed the Sandringham boot. This boot is made to withstand muddy fields, boggy marshes, animal pens, and dog walks.

They are Affordable

Unlike other brands that offer designer looks at designer prices, the Sandringham Wellington delivers exceptional style at an affordable cost. The Sandringham boots are a great way to achieve the look that Hunters boots provide without the expensive price tag.

Cotswold Colourful Wellington Boots
Cotswold Sandrigham boots available in 8 colours

A Few Things to Consider 

The Sandringham boots are true to size, so order the boots in your normal shoes size. If the boot fits your foot with a little extra sliding room, you can always add a wellington boot sock for additional snugness and warmth or add an insole.

While many people find that the material is flexible, some might find the boot’s uppers a bit stiff at first. If this happens to you, a bit of gentle wear should help break them in quickly for a more supple fit.

The narrow fit in the calf and ankle might require a bit of a tug to remove the boot. The boots have a kick spur on the heel to help with boot removal. The boots are not suitable for people with wide calves, due to the narrow boot shaft. The boots do come with an adjustable side buckle, but this is only for decorative purposes, it won’t adjust the fit of the boot

The boots have a thin synthetic inner lining, which does not provide any insulation from the cold. This means that the boot can comfortably be worn in the summer and feet won’t get too hot and sweaty. In the colder months thick socks will be required to keep feet warm.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in search of fully waterproof boots that combine fashion and quality with practicality and durability, then the Cotswold Sandringham Wellington boots are good option. The Sandringham boots are available at an affordable price from Amazon



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