Bogs Classic High Boots Review

Men's Waterproof Insulated Boots

Reasonably priced boots especially considering they have a thick neoprene lining to keep feet warm. Not the most stylish boots we’ve seen, but from a practical point of view they’re waterproof, warm and well constructed. They offer a decent level of comfort and can be worn for long periods of time without feet aching. A good work boot, ideally suited to colder conditions. Keep on reading for the full Bogs Classic High boots review

Value for Money
Build Quality

Bogs Classic High Rain Boots | Waterproof Neoprene Boots

Bogs Classic High Rain Boots Review
Date of review Sept 2021 by Richard 


Our Verdict

+ Comfortable \ snug fitNot available in half sizes
+ Keep feet warm Not as breathable as we would like
+ Well constructed \ durable 

There is nothing worse than stepping in a puddle and feeling your socks get wet, It feels so uncomfortable. The best way to stop it from happening again is to get a pair of quality rain boots. But, how do you know what rain boots to get? What ones are good and do what they advertise? and which are bad and end up giving you cold, wet and aching feet? You read some reviews of course. Here is our review for Bogs Classic High Insulated Boots. 

Bogs Classic High Boots: Features

  • Inside material: Neo-Tech insulation (similar to neoprene) 
  • Outside material: Rubber and Neo-Tech
  • Fit Type: True to size
  • Heel Type: No heel
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Colours: 4 – Green , Black, Brown and Camo
  • Sizes: Men 7UK -12UK,  8US – 13US

First of all, lets take a look at what Bogs Classic High boots are constructed from and how the materials work together to make a good boot. The boots are primarily made with Neo-Tech (which is basically the same as neoprene) and rubber. Neo-Tech is a type of synthetic rubber, it is similar to the material that wetsuits are made from, so you know its going to offer good insulation to help keep feet warm. The lower part of the boots very tough rubber. The rubber offers protection and also gives a degree of support to the ankles, making walking in the boots more comfortable. The soles of the boots are also made from rubber, giving grip and insulation from the cold rising up from the ground.

The boots have a contoured fit so that they can provide maximum support and movement. The shaft of the boots measure about 12″ from the arch of the boot (for a size 10). This will vary slightly depending on the foot size of the boots.

Grubs Classic High Boots 3 styles
Bogs Classic High boots in different designs

The Negatives

No half sizes
Unfortunately Bogs Classic High boots do not come in half sizes. This is quite common when it comes to boots. We would always recommend going a size up if you are a half size. If the boots are to large then either thicker socks can be worn or you can add your own insole to make the boots smaller. 

Not very breathable
The boots are advertised as breathable by the manufacturer, however we did not find this the case. This isn’t too much of a problem when wearing the boots in cold conditions, but in warmer weather having breathable boots makes quite a difference to comfort levels. 

Suitable for -40, we doubt it
According to the product description the boots are suitable for condition down to  -40.0 °F / -40 °C. While the boots are certainly warm, we struggle to believe that they would keep feet warm at -40.0 °F / -40 °C.  Unfortunately we have no way of testing at these very low temperatures, so can’t give any real world feedback. The fact is there probably aren’t too many people who require boots at these temperatures, so it probably doesn’t matter that much

Fun fact:  -40.0 °F and -40 °C is the only temperature that the two scales intersect with each other!

The Positives

Warm boots
One of the big selling points of the Bogs Classic Boots is that they’re warm. The thick 7mm Neo-tech insulation layer is among the thickest lining of any boot we’ve ever reviewed. The boots are certainly going to keep feet warm in sub zero temperatures. In real world conditions expect the boots to keep feet warm down to -10.0 °F / -23 °C. 

The boots are actually pretty comfortable. They have a really good insole which is thick providing cushioning and support for your feet while walking. The lining around the feet gives a nice snug fit that prevents feet from moving around, which means no blisters or sores.

Unlike other boots we’ve tested that have a neoprene shaft, these Bogs boots don’t have the same close fit, which means that the boots are prone to flapping about a bit when walking. Its not too much of a problem, especially if you have trousers tucked into the boots.

Kick spur
Tall rain boots are often a hassle to take off, it can take a lot of pushing and pulling and putting your feet at a weird angles before you can get your feet free. The Bogs Insulated Rain Boots fix this problem with a rubber bit that sticks out the back of the boot and can be used for helping the removal of the boot by prying with the other foot. 

The Bogs Classic Tall boots are made out of tough high quality materials that are made to last. Just looking at the boots it is obvious that they have been built to last. The sole of the boots are super sturdy and it will be a long time before they wear down. All the joints of the boots appear to be of good quality, with no obvious weak spots where the materials would start to come away from each other.

Its always difficult to give a review on style as peoples opinions tend to vary. But in our opinion the boots are fairly bland looking and certainly don’t have the styling of more fashion orientated rubber boots, such as Hunter Original boots. The Bogs boots are designed as work boots and they look like work boots

The Bogs Insulated Rain Boots come in a several different colours; Black, Mossy Oak (with a camouflage pattern), Brown, and Green.

The boots provide good traction on most surfaces, including wet surfaces. We were unable to test in icy and snowy conditions, but feedback from Bogs customers suggest the boots perform well.

Bogs classic high boots have sturdy sole
Grubs Classic boots super tough sole

Bogs Classic High Boots Review: Final Thoughts

Overall these Bogs boots offer a lot of positives and the few negative points are fairly minor. If you’re after some well constructed, warm work boots then these boots should defiantly be considered. From a pricing perspective they’re in the mid range bracket for this type of boot, which is about right for the features and quality you get.

Bogs Classic High Boots Questions & Answers

Are Bogs Classic High boots unisex?

No, Bogs produce a slightly lighter version of the Classic High boot for women in smaller sizes.

Are Bogs Classic High boots available for kids?

Yes, The Classic high boots are available for children. The kids version of the boots are unisex

How long have Bogs Classic High boots been available?

Bogs have been producing the Classic High Boots since 2002



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