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Dunlop Boots Review – Top 4

Dunlop Boots are a popular and practical option for those needing cheap, durable and protective footwear. Designed to withstand various harsh working environments, these boots are an essential accessory for individuals working in industries such as agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. Additionally, they are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who require reliable footwear for activities like hiking, fishing, or trekking in challenging terrains.

All Dunlop boots are made from materials such as PVC, rubber, or polyurethane, ensuring they can withstand wear and tear whilst providing excellent grip and support. The choice of material, construction, and design of the boot are critical factors that will determine its performance, longevity, and suitability for various tasks and environments.

To help you navigate the world of Dunlop boots and make an informed decision, we have researched and tested the various options available on the market. In the following sections, we will present our top recommendations for Dunlop boots that cater to everyday use.

Best Dunlop Boots

We’ve compiled our list of the best Dunlop boots available on the market. Browse through our top picks to find the perfect pair for your needs.

Dunlop Compass Flick Bell

These boots offer superior value for money, providing comfort and durability, making them ideal for festivals, gardening and dog walking.

DUNLOP Compass Flick Bell 9 UK Green


  • Excellent durability with 100% original Dunlop material
  • Enhanced grip with deep thread
  • Fully waterproof and shock-absorbent design
  • Cheap


  • Thinner material compared to older models
  • They can feel a bit snug on larger calves
  • Roomy fit may require thicker socks for some users

Dunlop’s Compass Flick Bell Wellington Boots are reasonably comfortable, allowing you to face the elements without any issues. With their excellent durability, these boots are designed to last, even with everyday use for various tasks. From attending a muddy festival to tending your garden, these boots are an ideal choice to protect your feet in a stylish way.

The deep tread on the sole offers an enhanced grip, so you won’t have to worry about slipping while strolling on wet or muddy surfaces. Combined with the fully waterproof material and shock-absorbent design, these boots offer essentially everything you need from a cheap pair of wellies.

However, the boots do have a few minor drawbacks. While these are slightly thinner than older versions, they still provide ample protection against the elements. Some users with stockier legs may find the fit a bit snug around the calves. Lastly, the foot space can feel roomy for those with smaller feet, but this can be resolved by wearing thicker socks or adjusting the sizing accordingly.

In conclusion, the Dunlop Compass Flick boots provide excellent value for money, comfort, and durability. Despite a few minor cons, their waterproof and shock-absorbent features make them a reliable choice for various activities.

Dunlop Short Leg Half-Height Wellies

These Dunlop boots are a reliable choice for those seeking practicality and comfort in a wellington boot suitable for wide calves.

DUNLOP Short Leg Half-Height Wellies


  • Half-height design, suitable for wider calves
  • 100% waterproof protection
  • Robust Hi-Grip sole for superior traction


  • Can feel rocks and stones through sole
  • May not lastlong with heavy usage
  • Aesthetically dull design

The Dunlop short leg half-height wellies design is perfect for those of us with wider calves, as it allows for a more comfortable and unrestricted fit. This feature alone made them our go-to wellies for several outdoor activities.

The 100% waterproof protection ensured that our feet remained dry even in the wettest conditions. We found the Hi-Grip sole on these boots to offer excellent traction on various surfaces, providing a slip-free and safe experience during our outdoor excursions.

We did notice that these wellies had a few drawbacks as well. The sole, although designed to be flexible, does not provide adequate underfoot protection from rocks or stones, and we felt the need to add thicker insoles for more comfort. Additionally, the boots may not prove to be very durable in the long run, especially if used heavily for activities. Finally, their plain design might not be everyone’s cup of tea if you want a more fashionable option.

In conclusion, the Dunlop short leg half-height boots are a solid choice if you’re in search of a practical and comfortable cheap, wide-calf waterproof boot. Just be prepared to add insoles for additional underfoot protection and know that their durability might be limited with frequent use. Nonetheless, these boots do the job and provide good value for money.

Dunlop Unisex Pricemastor Boots

Dunlop Pricemastor Boots offer a balance of quality and affordability, making them an excellent choice for casual outdoor activities.

DUNLOP Unisex Dunlop Pricemastor Boots


  • Affordable and good value for money
  • Comfortable and easy to slip on and off
  • No steel components, suitable for less intensive tasks


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Sole may detach after prolonged use
  • Lacks the extra features of some more expensive boots

The Dunlop Pricemastor Boots offer excellent value for those who require a straightforward, no-frills boot. These boots are comfortable to wear and very easy to slip on and off, making them a convenient choice for quick tasks and general outdoor ventures.

One of the standout aspects of these boots is their affordability. They’re reasonably priced while still offering the quality and durability that Dunlop is known for.

It’s worth mentioning that some users have found the sole to come away after prolonged use. In our experience, these boots held up well, but it’s something to keep in mind if you plan on using them for more demanding activities.

Overall, the Pricemastor boots are a great option for those who need a versatile yet affordable boot. While there are some trade-offs in terms of durability and features compared to more expensive boots, the Pricemastor boots offer a reliable and comfortable experience that should meet the needs of most users.

Dunlop Blizzard Wellington Boots

These Dunlop unisex Blizzard wellington boots are well worth considering if you need a warm, waterproof, and comfortable boot for winter.

Dunlop Blizzard Wellington Boots


  • Fur lined and cold insulating down to -15°C
  • Excellent grip with extra traction outsole profile
  • 100% waterproof to keep your feet dry


  • The hard area under the sole may be uncomfortable for some
  • Tightening straps might be considered unnecessary
  • Not ideal for professionals who require heavy-duty boots

Good overall quality and comfort of these Dunlop Blizzard Wellington Boots. The fur lining and cold insulation provided excellent warmth in temperatures as low as -15°C.

The extra traction outsole profile is a significant advantage, especially when walking outdoors in slippery or icy conditions. With these boots, we felt secure and confident in knowing that we would have the traction needed to avoid slips and falls.

Our only concern was a hard area under the soles, which was somewhat uncomfortable, but it did not pose a major issue once the boots were on and we started walking.

Although these boots may not be suitable for people who require heavy-duty footwear for intense fieldwork, they are perfect for casual or occasional use. We believe these boots are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to stay warm, dry and comfortable this winter season.

In conclusion, the Blizzard wellies are a great investment for those seeking a comfortable, warm, and waterproof winter boot. Their excellent grip and added insulation make them stand out from other options, making for a satisfying, reliable choice.


We can confidently say that Dunlop Boots are a dependable choice for individuals seeking protective, comfortable, and sustainable footwear. Their continued success in the market speaks volumes about their ability to meet the needs and expectations of consumers across various industries.

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