Rubber Boots Electric Shock

Will Rubber Boots Protect You From Elextric Shock

First of, it is always best to avoid a situation where you likely to get an electric shock in the first place. You can do this by following some simple safety tips: 

  • Do not go near electrical outlets when your hands are wet
  • Make sure that all of your electrical cables are in good condition 
  • Make sure the power source has been turned off
  • Have someone near by who can help or call for help if you get in to trouble
  • Get a professional electrician to do the work

So the answer to will rubber boots protect you from electric shock isn’t a simple yes or no.

There are a factors to consider when talking about rubber boots and electric shock protection. The first is the type of rubber boot. There are different types of rubber, each with their own level of protection against electric shock. Natural rubber, for example, offers more protection than synthetic rubber. Also be aware that many cheaper ‘rubber’ boots aren’t actually made from rubber at all, but PVC, a type of plastic. Boots made from PVC will provide next to no protection from an electric shock. So, make sure they’re rubber!

The second thing to consider is the thickness of the rubber. Thicker rubber provides more protection against electric shock than thinner rubber. Generally speaking, you should go for high quality boots as they are generally made from thick rubber.

Third, it is important that the boots are not damaged in anyway, such as rips or holes. Such imperfections can provide a path for electricity to be grounded. It should be noted that even the smallest hole or rip is enough to ground the boots and so cause an electirc shock

Finally, the rubber boots must be dry to offer then best protection. If the boots are wet or even muddy then the protection of the boots if greatly reduced. 

So, what does all this mean? In short, it means that if you want maximum protection from electric shock, you should wear a pair of boots made from natural rubber, that are dry and have soles that are at least 12 millimeters thick.

Keep in mind, however, that even if you’re wearing thickest natural rubber boots possible, you can still be injured or killed if you come into contact with a high-voltage electric shock.

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Why do rubber boots help protect you from an electric shock?

Rubber is an insulator, meaning that it doesn’t allow electricity to flow through it. The rubber prevents the electricity from being grounded. It is important to note that if any other part of your body is grounded, then wearing rubber boots is not going to help and you will get electrocuted.


Hopefully this article has given you the information you need to determine if rubber boots will protect you from an electric shock. 

Electricity can kill, we strongly recommend that you leave any electrical work to a professional electrician.

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