Stop Boots from cracking

How To Keep Rubber Boots From Cracking

Rubber boots are a must-have for the outdoors. They protect your feet from cold, wet weather and keep them dry. But if you don’t take care of your rubber boots, they can crack and wear down quickly.

Cracking is a more common problem with cheaper rubber boots which are often made from thinner and lower quality rubber when compared to some of the premium brands like Le Chameau and Aigle. Also, rubber boots that have been designed for style and fashion are generally not constructed as well as rubber boots designed as work \ yard boots

Tips to prevent your rubber boots from cracking

Keep your rubber boots in a cool place when not in use. Avoid storing them near heat sources like radiators as this can cause the rubber to become brittle and prone to cracking. 

Keep you boots out of direct sunlight which can cause damage to rubber. The ultra violet light cause the rubber to oxidise which causes the rubber to loose its strength and so is much more prone to cracking.

Clean off dirt and debris after each use with a damp cloth. This will help extend their life span by preventing abrasive particles from settling into the surface of the boot and causing damage.

Apply a waterproofing solution to your rubber boots every few months. This will help protect the material from dirt and water, as well as limit its exposure to UV rays which can cause cracking.

Avoid walking through rough terrain which is likely to cause damage to the boots. Sharp rocks or sticks and bracken can all puncture or rip boots them, leading to cracks and potentially permanent damage.

Store your rubber boots on boot supports in between uses. This will prevent them from becoming misshapen over time, which can lead to stress marks that may eventually cause the rubber to crack. It is common to see cheaper rubber boots that are made from thin rubber flopping over half way up the shaft. This causes the rubber to become weaker and more prone to cracking.

Follow these tips on how to prevent rubber boots from cracking and you’ll keep your rubber boots in great shape for years to come!

What to do if rain boots start to crack

If you do notice a crack forming in your rubber boots, don’t panic. You can often fix the problem if the crack isn’t too big. We have created an article called ‘How to patch rubber boots‘ which has a number of practical options for repairing the boots.


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