Wellington Boot Care & Cleaning

Dive into the most common queries about wellington boots! From their origin and design to care tips and style variations, this section provides answers to all your wellie boot questions. Whether you’re a seasoned boot enthusiast or a curious first-time buyer, get the insights you need about these iconic waterproof footwear


A kick spur (or simply “spur”) on wellington boots refers to a small protrusion or lip located at the back of the boot near the top of the heel. Its primary purpose is to provide a leverage point that makes it easier for the wearer to remove the boots. By placing the toe of the other foot against the kick spur and pressing down while pulling on the boot with the opposite foot, one can more easily kick off the boot.

Wellington Boots Kick Spur

The feature is particularly useful for wellington boots because they are typically made from rubber or other waterproof materials that can create a suction effect against the leg, making them more difficult to remove. The kick spur aids in this removal without the wearer having to bend down or use their hands to wrest the boot off, which can be especially handy when the boots are muddy or dirty.

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