Do Wear socks with rain boots

Do You Wear Socks With Rain Boots?

The short answer is ‘Yes’ you do wear socks with rain boots

Reasons why you wear socks with rain boots

1) Prevent rain boots from rubbing feet

All but the most expensive rain boots are designed to fit a broad range of foot sizes. For example, very few rubber boots are available in half sizes and many rain boots only have one width size. Because the boots aren’t perfectly fitted to your foot size, your feet will move around in the boots when you walk. This is going to cause the boots to rub against your feet, potentially causing sores and blisters. By wearing socks you are adding a barrier between your foot and the boot. Socks can also be used as padding to help make the boot a better fit, reducing the amount your foot moves in the boot.

2) Absorb rain boot moisture \ sweat

Rain boots are usually made from plastic or rubber to make them waterproof. This means that they are waterproof both inside and out, so any moisture (sweat) on the inside can’t easily escape. If you wear socks they will absorb the moisture, helping prevent the boots from getting damp, smelly, and uncomfortable to wear.

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3) Easier to put rain boots on and take off

Rain boots often have a tall shaft to prevent water from going over the top of the boot and making feet wet. Often the shaft of the boot is quite narrow to make a more stylish-looking boot. This can make putting boots on and taking them off difficult due to the friction generated between the boot lining and feet. By wearing socks the amount of friction is reduced making it much easier to put the boots on and take off.

4) Keep feet warm in rain boots

Most rain boots have a very thin synthetic lining which provides little insulation against the cold. So, unless you buy rain boots with a thick insulating lining your feet are going to feel the cold. The quickest and easiest way to keep your feet warm in rain boots is to wear socks.

5) Make rain boots comfortable

If you buy cheap rain boots you’ll probably find that the insole is very thin and the boots are not particularly comfortable to wear. One quick fix is to buy some wellies socks, which will immediately improve comfort.

Hopefully, the five points above have explained why wearing socks with rain boots is a good idea. If not, try wearing rain boots without socks and you’ll soon discover that wearing socks is a good idea 🙂

What kind of socks to wear with wellington boots?

Basically wearing any type of sock with rain boots is better than not wearing socks at all. If your boots have a built-in insulating lining e.g. a neoprene lining, it is usually best to wear thinner socks. If your rain boots don’t have an insulating lining then wear socks that are appropriate to the temperature

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