Best Wellie boots for Walking and Dog Walking

Best Wellies for Walking

It is thanks to the generous helping of wet and cold weather we have in the UK that wellington boots are so popular. The design of the humble wellie offers perfect protection against bad weather.

The majority of wellies have not been designed for people who want to go on long walks. Some wellies do not have good arch or ankle support. Others do not have enough cushioning in the soles. If you go for a long walk with the wrong wellie boots, you may well wind up hobbling home with blisters and sore feet.

Luckily, there are wellington boots designed specifically for the dog walkers and ramblers among us. These boots come with extra support, insulation, and other features that are needed for long walks while still protecting feet from the wet and cold.

Top 5 Wellies for Walking

1) Barbour Bede Wellington Boots

Overall Rating:

Why we like them: Practical as well as stylish wellies. They are well suited for walking, thanks to their lightweight and good support. They are reasonably priced, especially considering they are Barbour wellies

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Barbour Bede wellies

Barbour Bede best walking wellies

This sturdy wellington boot from Barbour is an excellent choice for walks of all lengths in all weather. The boots are made with natural rubber, which insulates against cold weather and is 100% waterproof. They are lined with the company’s tartan cotton, which doesn’t really help with insulation of the boots but gives feet the ability to ‘breathe’, helping to prevent sweaty feet.

The Bede wellies are distinct from other wellington boots that Barbour offers thanks to their sturdy sole. The rubber tread at the bottom is thick and will protect you from slipping on wet surfaces. The heel has additional reinforcements for extra protection against slipping.

The boots are also very comfortable to wear, which is important for walking wellies that could potentially be on your feet for a long time. Even though they are sturdy, they are also lightweight, so you won’t exhaust yourself just from the effort of picking your feet up!

The boots come with plenty of ankle support as well, so your feet won’t be slipping around in the boots as you walk. They also have an adjustable gusset at the top, which is really more for aesthetic purposes rather than practical.

Online reviewers are thrilled with these boots from Barbour, with many comparing them favourably to Hunter, another very popular wellington boot brand. The only complaint some customers had is that the top of the foot is low, making the boots uncomfortable for people with high arches.

2) Lakeland Active Rydal Insulated Wellies

Overall Rating:

Why we like them: Rydal wellies have a super warm, breathable lining and provide the comfort and support required for walking.

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Lakeland Active Men's Rydal
Lakeland Active Rydal Wellies – Great for Walking

Lakeland’s Rydal boots are perfect for those looking to maintain an active lifestyle year-round, no matter the weather. The boots are made of flexible, durable natural rubber and neoprene insulation.

Neoprene is one of the best materials for cold weather boots and can keep your feet safe and warm at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. However, the boots are still breathable, so you can wear them for summer walks in the rain without getting hot feet.

In addition to the excellent material and insulation, Lakeland Rydal boots have a sturdy, durable sole that can handle any wear and tear that you throw at them. The thick sole is made with rubber and will give you traction on slippery terrain. The sole is also steel-reinforced so you can wear these for many years, doing all sorts of tasks without worrying about the sole wearing down.

They have a kick rim that makes it easy to remove the boots

The exteriors are not as stylish as the Hunter and Barbour wellington boots. If you are looking for a sturdy work or walking boot, this is a good choice. The boots are not a high-street fashion boots.

3) Le Chameau Vierzonord Boots

Overall Rating:

Why we like them: We think these wellington boots are probably the best wellies money can buy. The only downside is they are pretty darn expensive, so they don’t get the No.1 spot for that reason

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Le Chameau Vierzonord
 Le Chameau Vierzonord………Probably the BEST wellies ever!

Le Chameau is another Wellington brand that is royally approved, this time by the younger royals. Both Kate Middleton (The Duchess of Cambridge) and Prince Harry can often be spotted in Le Chameau’s sleek, stylish and very durable boots.

The Vierzonord wellington boots are one of the brand’s most popular for walks of all distances, across all terrains. The boots are made with natural rubber, one of the finest insulating and waterproof materials. A neoprene inner lining adds additional insulation against cold weather. As with all Le Chameau boots the attention to detail is of a very high standard.

The boots are suitable for people with a wide calves thanks to the adjustable strap. The adjustable gusset strap allows the boots to be tightened so that they don’t flap when walking, which can be very annoying.

Le Chameau’s boots manage to be durable and comfortable without looking bulky. However, style and substance comes with a price. These boots are more expensive than most other wellies, including boots by big brands such as Hunter. It is up to you to decide whether or not they are worth the splurge…..we think they are!

Read more about Le Chameau Vierzonord wellington boots in our detailed review

4) Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Wellington Boots (unisex)

Overall Rating:

Why we like them: High quality French wellington boots with a shocking absorbing cushion, making them perfect for walking.

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Aigle Parcours 2 Iso

Aigle Boots made for walking

Aigle are a long established (since 1853) French footwear company. They have gained a reputation for making some of the best wellies in the world! You know when you buy Aigle Wellington boots you are buying boots that will look good and last for years and years.

The Parcours 2 ISO wellies are made from natural rubber and have a 4.5mm neoprene lining for warmth and comfort. The neoprene lining ensures a snug fit and the natural rubber gives support while still being flexible. These features make the boots ideal for walking.

The sole is hardwearing and acts as a shock absorber, making walking a pleasant experience. The sole also has a decent grip, which is suitable for most terrain and weather conditions.

The Parcours 2 ISO boots have an adjustable gusset which means they will fit wide calves.  

The only negative point with these boots is that they are slightly heavier than some of the other boots on our top 5 walking wellies. That’s not to say they are heavy, but they wouldn’t be classed as lightweight.

5) Goodyear Stream Wellington Boots (unisex)

Overall Rating:

Why we like them: We doubt you will find a cheaper pair of wellie boots of this quality with a neoprene lining!

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Goodyear Unisex Adult Stream
Goodyear Stream – Decent cheap walking wellies

You may recognize Goodyear from the tyre brand. The company clearly knows its way around rubber and uses its expertise to craft these excellent wellington boots. The wellies are made with durable rubber that are 100% waterproof. The textile and neoprene lining offers additional insulation and protection against rain and cold weather.

Goodyear boots have a thick, rubber soles with good deep treads which will prevent you slipping on your walk.

The advantage Goodyear’s wellies have compared to other brands is the wider fit. These boots are far more generous in the sole and in the calf, with an expandable rear gusset. If you’ve struggled to find boots that accommodate a wider foot or are generous in the calf, these are the boots for you.

Finally, Goodyear’s boots are far more affordable than other big name brands, but are just as durable. Many users have reported that they’ve had these wellies for years and worn them for long walks and heavy-duty chores without any visible wear and tear.

How to Choose the Best Wellies for Walking

The wellies above are some of the best wellies for walking, whether you’re just going for a short jaunt around your own garden or taking the dog for a long walk on a Sunday afternoon.

There are a few things that you should look for when picking out a pair of wellies for walking:

  • The sole is one of the most important components of a walking boot. It should have a thick tread that will hold up in muddy locations and won’t wear away with lots of use. Interesting fact: People have been known to use thick-soled wellies for mountain-climbing!
  • You’ll also want to look out for comfort. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in wellies, you want to ensure your feet will feel good. Buy wellies with plenty of ankle and arch support. The best ones will have additional cushioning for the sole and shock absorption. You can also look out for adjustable gussets so that the boots don’t fit too tight or loose around the calf.
  • Try to buy boots that are ‘breathable’. This will help prevent them from getting sweaty and also prevent odour.
  • Adjustable gussets can be used to tighten the wellies to prevent boots from flapping about on the leg.

The right pair of wellies can be your go-to shoe for walking the dog or long hikes for years to come thanks to their durability.

As with most things in life, the more you pay the better you get. This is especially true for boots that are going to be used for walking. So, we would recommend going for the most expensive wellies you can afford. 

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