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Best Kids Wellies: Our Top 10

If you live in the UK then you need a pair of wellies! Here’s our pick of the best kids’ wellies for all budgets.

Whatever the time of year wellies are a great form of footwear for kids. They are hard-wearing, easy to put on, easy to clean and, of course, keep feet dry. In fact, many kids’ wellie boots come with an option of a faux fur or neoprene lining to keep feet warm when the weather is cold.

Below is a list of kids’ wellies that we’ve reviewed to compile our top 10 favourite kids’ wellies that are available in the UK. We’ve tried to mix it up as much as possible to have a wide range of different wellies at varying prices and with different features. So, read on to find the best kids’ wellies!

Top 10 Kids' Wellies

1) Aigle Lolly Pop Kids' Wellies

Why We like them: Constructed to the same very high standard as the Aigle adult wellies and in a large range of different colours and designs. Comfortable and lightweight, kids can wear these Aigle Lolly Pop boots all day.

BEST OVERALL kids’ wellies
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Aigle Unisex Kid's Lolly Pop Wellington Boots

The Aigle Lolly Pop wellies are a classic wellington boot for kids. The boots are unisex, with many different colours and designs that are suitable for boys and girls. They come in a range of sizes from size 1UK (Child) all the way through to 13UK (child). There are also some half sizes, but not for every size. The boots are true to size.

The outside of the boot is made from natural rubber, which makes them 100% waterproof and also gives support whilst still being flexible.

There is a choice of two different inside linings. The basic classic boot has a hard-wearing polyester and cotton mix lining. There is also the option of getting a synthetic fur lining for additional warmth.

The boots are very comfortable, so your kids will wear them all day without moaning. They are also some of the lightest kid’s wellies we have reviewed, which makes walking that bit easier.

Like many kid’s boots, these Aigle Lolly Pop wellies have a reflective strip on the heel, which makes them more visible at night and you child a little bit safer!

The only slight negative about the boots is that they are more expensive than other boot brands. But, we feel the price is justified as you are getting a comfy, well made and stylish wellington boot.

2) Muck Boots Kids' Hale Boots

Why We like them: Waterproof and warm, these Muck Hale boots are a great alternative to the more traditional rubber wellington boots.

BEST ALTERNATIVE to traditional wellies
Available to buy for boys and girls 

Muck Boots Boy's Kids Hale

If you have kids that love nothing more than getting outside and running about, jumping in puddles and playing in the mud, then Muck Hale boots are for you. They are extremely tough and withstand everything active kids throw at them!

All Muck Hale boots come with a thick 4mm neoprene lining. This not only keeps feet warm in cold weather, it also gives a better fit. So, if you find that more traditional kid’s wellies don’t fit your child’s feet very well, give kids Muck Boots a try.

The boot has a pull handle, which makes putting the boots on very easy. They are also relatively easy to take off. 

The outside top part of the Muck boots are made from neoprene and the bottom part of the boot is made from sturdy rubber. If they do get muddy, they can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth.

The inner lining, as previously mentioned, is made from neoprene, which has a mesh lining allowing feet to breathe. The sole has an antimicrobial insert which controls moisture. This prevents feet from getting sweaty and prevents the boots from getting smelly.

Muck Hale boots come in the following (unisex) sizes:  Infant 6 to Infant 12 and Junior 1 to Junior 6

3) Dunlop Sport Wellington Boots for Kids

Why We like them: Dunlop Sport (unisex) wellies are very good basic waterproof PVC wellies.

BEST CHEAP kid’s wellies
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Dunlop Sport Wellington Boots

Dunlop is world-famous for making tyres and cheap wellington boots. One problem with Dunlop is that they make so many different types of wellies for both adults and kids it’s hard to know which the good ones are and which are the duds.

We haven’t tested all of Dunlop’s wellies; that would probably take years. But we have tested a decent selection of their kids’ boots and found the Dunlop Sport kids wellies to be the best of the bunch.

Thanks to the wedge sole, the boots look much more styled than many of the other wellies. There are only two colours in the range, blue and pink, and they are made of PVC.

Parent feedback: reported that kids did start to complain about their feet hurting if they went on a long walk or they had to wear the boots for hours on end. Wearing some thick socks will improve comfort and help keep feet warmer in the cold.

The Dunlop boots are good basic wellies that can be picked up pretty cheaply.

4) Aigle Kids' Perdrix Wellies

Why We like them: The kid’s Aigle Perdrix wellies are made to Aigle’s usual high standards. They look good and will keep little feet protected from everything that the great outdoors throws at them!

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Aigle Perdrix Kids Boots

The kids’ Perdrix wellington boots are the second pair of Aigle wellies to feature in our kid’s top 10 best wellies. They are practical boots and also look pretty good. They may cost a little bit more than some other kid’s wellies, but they are definitely worth it.

As with all Aigle boots, these wellies are handcrafted and made from natural rubber. Because they’re handcrafted, the quality of the boots is at a much higher standard than many other brands.

The inner lining of the boot is a soft cotton polyester mix. The lining isn’t designed to keep feet warm, so on a cold day thick socks would need to be worn.

The Perdrix kid’s boots have been made to give support and flexibility around the ankle. There’s an adjustable strap which allows for a comfortable fit around the calves. This prevents the boots from flapping about on your child’s legs when walking.

Some customers found the boots to be a little bit shorter than they expected. These are not tall boots. They are more of a mid-height boot. Which is generally better for kids as it makes them much easier to put on and take off.

The boots are suitable for boys and girls, coming in 3 different colours: Kaki, pink and deep blue. Sizes range from 19UK to 38UK

5) Crocs Unisex Kids' Handle It Wellie Boots

Why We like them: Very popular wellies for young children and toddlers. Come in a range of different colours with pull-on handles, and they don’t cost too much.

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Crocs Handle It Rain Boot

The Croc’s Clog has the marmite effect, you either love them or hate them. But we think just about everyone will love these Kids’ Croc Handle It wellies. They are made from PVC and are available in 7 different colours.

They don’t have a lining, so don’t expect them to keep feet warm in the cold. Wearing thick socks is recommended. One benefit of not having a lining is they can easily be cleaned inside and out by dunking them in warm soapy water.

Parents have reported that the boots seem a little smaller than their size would suggest. It is probably worth getting the size up and using thick socks to pad them if they are too large. Buying the larger size will also mean that the Croc’s wellies will last for several years, as there’s room for growing feet.

One of the more obvious features of the wellies is the easy on handles, which smaller children will benefit from.

Like many just about all the kid’s wellies that we review, they have a reflective heel for safety.

Overall Croc’s kids Handle It wellies are basic boots, but very functional and good for younger children. They’re not the sort of wellies that can be worn all day, but perfect for a playing outside when its wet and muddy.

Sizes:  1 to 13 UK child and 1 to 3 UK junior

6) Hunter Unisex Kids' Original Wellie Boots

Why We like them: A kid’s version of the classic Hunter Original wellington boots, that are well made and look good.

Buy Hunter Kids Original boots or for smaller feet buy the Hunter Original First boots

Hunter Original Kids Wellies Wellingtons

Hunter Original wellies are probably the most famous wellington boots of them all. If you ever see a celebrity in coloured wellies, they are nearly always Hunter Originals. The Kids Hunter Originals are virtually identical to the adult boots, the only difference being that the kid’s ones have a reflective heel.

The wellies are built using the same flexible and hard-wearing vulcanised rubber that is used in adult boots. They have exactly the same styling and height as the adult’s boots. They come in a wide range of different colours that are suitable for boys and girls.

The Kids Original Hunters are suitable for children between the ages of 5 to 11 years old, with a foot size range of UK12 to UK4.

If you’re looking for Hunter wellies for smaller children \ toddlers, who are between 1.5 years to 8 years old, then there are the Hunter Original First Classic wellington boots which come in smaller sizes, UK4 to UK1. These First Classic boots aren’t a mini version of the Hunter Original. They don’t have the buckle and have a different appearance.

The only downside of all the Hunter Kid’s wellies is that they only have a thin cotton \ polyester lining, which will not keep feet warm in the cold!

If you’re looking for a classic, stylish wellington boot, then you can’t go wrong with the Hunter Kid’s range of wellies.

The Hunter Kid’s boots are all true to size.

7) Joules Kids' Roll Up Wellington Boots

Why We like them: Joules kids wellies are stylish that not only look good but are practical as well.

Joules Roll Up wellies are available for girl’s and boy’s

Joules Roll Up Welly Rain Boot

Joules Kids’ Roll Up wellies have the unique selling point, that the top part of the boot can be folded, allowing them to be stored in a special Joules wellie carry bag. This is a nice feature, as it means that the wellies can easily be stored or carried, without taking up much space.

The wellies are made from natural rubber, giving them plenty of flexibility making them comfortable for walking in. Because they have been designed to ‘roll up’, the boots do have a much lighter feel to them compared to similar wellies.

One of the downsides of being a roll-up boot is that they don’t have an insulated lining. Meaning that thick socks are a must on cold days.

There’s a range of different colours and some cute designs for both boys and girls. The boots have a high-quality look and feel about them, which is what Joules have a good reputation for.

The boots’ insoles can easily be removed for washing or replacing with a thinner or thicker sole to make the boots fit better if required.

The bottom of the boot is of solid construction with good grips and a slight heel, which helps give better traction in slippery conditions.

8) Shoe Zone Kids' Wellie Boots

Why We like them: If you’re after a cheap pair of kids’ wellies, then these Shoe Zone wellington boots should be on your shortlist.

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Shoe Zone Kids Wellies

Lots of parents don’t want to spend loads of money on their kid’s wellie boots. After all, Kid’s feet grow fast, often going up a shoe size each year. If you just want a basic pair of waterproof wellington boots, then you can’t go wrong with these Shoe Zone boots.

They come in two colours blue and black and are suitable for boys and girls. They’re not the most stylish of boots, but they look pretty good, especially considering the low price tag.

One thing to note about the boots is that they are a bit taller than most other kids’ boots. This can be a good thing, as they offer more protection higher up the leg, but this does mean they are a bit more difficult to put on and take off.

They seem to be well constructed on the outside from PVC, so should last. They have a polyester inner lining, which helps slip feet in and out of the boot, but offers no insulation from the cold.

In summary, good basic cheap boots

The boots come in child sizes 8UK to 13UK

9) Beck Kid's Basic Wellie Boots

Why We like them: Cheap and cheerful wellie boots which are perfect for kids. They come in a range of different colours and styles. Suitable for boys and girls

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Beck Unisex Kids Basic Boots

Beck may not have the big brand name that some of the other kid’s wellies have. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. In fact, Beck has been making footwear for nearly 100 years, so they have a lot of experience. They specialise in children’s footwear.

Like other cheap wellie boots, Beck boots are fairly basic looking. Most are a single colour, although the soles are usually black or grey and give a nice contrast to the rest of the boot if it is a different colour, making them look a bit more interesting.

All Beck wellies have a flat sole, meaning the traction gained from having a heel is lost.

All Beck boots are made from PVC, which is typical of cheaper boots. Visually there is very little difference between PVC and rubber. The advantage PVC boots have over rubber ones is that they are usually lighter, which is a good thing for small kids. The main downside of PVC is that it doesn’t have the flexibility that rubber offers. Which can potentially mean the boots will rub and cause sores. But this is only likely to happen if the boots are worn for long periods of time.

When buying Beck boots, be aware that they are mid-height wellies, not tall.

10) Ladeheid Kid's Wellington Boots

Why We like them: Low cost, good looking kid’s wellies that have a drawstring top to prevent water from getting into the boots.

Ladeheid Kid’s wellies can be purchased from

Ladeheid Childrens Wellingtons

The Ladeheid children’s wellington boots are made from a special type of PVC that gives more movement than other PVC wellies. This extra flexibility will help reduce the chance of them rubbing on feet and causing sores and blisters. Because they are made from PVC they are 100% waterproof and very durable.

The boots have been designed using ‘enriched silver ions’, which is basically meant to stop them from smelling. We’re not really sure what ‘enriched silver ions’ actually are, but it sounds pretty cool.

The most noticeable feature of these boots is the waterproof collar at the top, which can be tightened to prevent water from coming in over the top of the wellies.

There are 6 different colour combinations available, suitable for both girls and boys. We like the way the boots have been styled and all the different colour combinations work well.

Like many other kid’s wellie boots, these wellies do not have an insulating layer to protect feet from the cold, which is to be expected for the price.

The Ladeheid kid’s boots have a removable insole, which is a good thing, as there have been a number of reports claiming the insole moves around and crumples up in the boot, making them uncomfortable to wear.

Kid's Wellies Questions & Answers

Should you size up kids’ wellies?

Most kid’s wellies are true to size, so there’s no need to size up. Most non insulated children’s wellington boots are generally on the large size to allow enough room for thick socks.

Are wellies ok for toddlers?

Wellies designed for toddlers generally do not provide much support for their small feet. Due to the lack of support it probably isn’t a good idea for them to wear their wellies for prolonged periods of time.

Do kids’ wellies keep feet warm?

Parents often buy cheap wellies for kids because they grow out of them so fast. Most cheap kid’s wellies will not have any type of insulation, so in cold conditions feet will feel the cold. Wearing thick socks is recommended.

Tips for buying the best kid’s wellies

Warmth – Some of the more expensive kid’s wellies come with a lining. Usually a neoprene lining, which is the best for warmth or a removable faux fur lining, which can be removed for drying and washing.

Fit – Most wellies are true to size, so buy wellies that are the same size as you child’s shoes. 

Price – More expensive kid’s wellies usually have some sort of insulation. Often the brand name will also have some influence on the price.

Kid Friendly Features:

  •  Boots with handles to help pull the wellies on can be really useful for younger children
  • Some boots come with a waterproof lining at the top of the boot which can be tighten to give a splash proof seal.
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