What are the best alternatives to Hunter Boots

Best Alternatives to Hunter Boots

Even if you’ve only spent the smallest amount of time looking for some new rubber boots, you will almost certainly of seen Hunter branded boots. Hunter are most famous for their colourful tall Hunter Original boots which royalty and celebrities can often be seen wearing.

We didn’t rate the Hunter Original boots very highly in our review and think there are plenty of good alternatives to Hunter Original boots. Below we list our five favourite alternatives to Hunter Original boots.


Top 5 Hunter Boots Alternatives

Le Chameau Iris Jersey Lined Boots

Best Quality Hunter Boots Alternative

Overall Rating:

Why We like them: We think these Le Chameau boots are superior to Hunter Original boots in every way. They look good, they’re very well made and super comfortable.

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Le Chameau Iris boots are the best alternative for Hunter Original boots

Rose coloured Le Chameau Iris jersey lined boots

+ Lightweight Not for wide calves
+ Good quality Not for cold conditions
+ Distinctive colours  

The Le Chameau Iris rain boots are great alternative to Hunter Original boots. In fact, we think these boots are actually much better buy than the Hunters. They cost roughly the same as the Hunter boots, but they are far better quality. 

The Iris boots are available in in seven different colours, including Rose, Noir, Rouge, Bleu Clair, Bleu Foncé, and Vert Clair. The colours are very distinctive and look quite different to any other rubber rain boot colours.

The boots are ideal for wearing in town as a fashionable boot due to their brilliant colours and beautiful, elegant design. At the same time, the boots are also very practical and are great for walking, gardening or wearing for virtually any outdoor activity.

It’s slightly misleading of Le Chameau to call the boots ‘Jersey’ lined, as this gives the impression the boots have a warm lining, which they don’t!

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Joules Women's Printed Rain Boots

Best Wide Calf Alternative to Hunter Boots

Overall Rating:

Joules printed wellington boots will ensure you stand out from the crowd, whether you’re going to a festival or walking down the high street.

Best price for Joules printed boots

Best wide calf alternative to Hunter boots
Joules Duck Print Rubber Boots for wide calves

+ Huge selection of colours \ prints Very thin insoles
+ Adjustable strap for calves Large sizing
+ Lightweight  
+ Cute looking  

If you’re looking for something fun and stylish to wear during the next rainy day, then check out Joules’ printed rubber rain boots! The boots are made from 100% waterproof rubber and are available in a wide range of different colours and print designs.

These Joules Print Boots are great for people with wide calves thanks to the adjustable strap at the top of the boots. Most of the Hunter Original tall boots have a buckle which can’t be adjusted, its just for show. The Hunter original boots that do have an adjustable buckle are limited in colour and costs considerably more than these cute Joules boots, which are a great alterative.

The only issue we had with the Joules boots is that the insole is very thin, which made the boots slightly uncomfortable to wear. This can easily be remedied by replacing the Joules insole with your own.

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Rockfish Wellington Boots

Most Similar Looking to Hunter Boots

Overall Rating:

Why We like them: The Rockfish wellington boots look virtually identical to Hunter Originals and are much more comfortable

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Best value alternative to Hunter boots
Rockfish wellington boots look like Hunter Boots

+ Very similar to Hunter Boots Somewhat expensive
+ Shock absorbing insole  
+ Comfortable  

You may not have heard of Rockfish before, but they are a fantastic British wellington boot maker based in Cornwall. 

Rockfish boots are available with neoprene lining, adjustable gussets and there are both tall boots and short boots. All of which are available in a range of vibrant colours.

The Rockfish boots look very similar looking to the Hunter Originals and they are of a similar build quality. The one advantage the Rockfish boots have, is that they are more comfortable than the Hunter Boots. This is primarily thanks to the thick insole which cushions feet, giving a luxury feel.

The Rockfish boots are priced around the same price point as the equivalent Hunter Boots. You do get slightly better quality boots, but you’re not getting the Hunter name, which makes the boots slightly on the expensive side.

Hoggs of Fife Braemar Wellington Boots

Best Value Alternative to Hunter Boots

Overall Rating:

Why We like them: Look very similar to Hunter boots, but are nearly half the price.

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Best value alternative to hunter boots

+ Look similar to Hunter Boots Limited to two colours (green & blue)
+ Well made  
+ Good value for money  

Unlike Hunter boots, the Hoggs Braemar boots are hand made and this shows in the quality of the boots when compared to the Hunter Original boots. 

The Hoggs boots look very similar to the Hunter boots, if it wasn’t for the logo you would be hard pressed to tell which were the Hunter and Which were the Hoggs boots.

Thanks, to the great build quality of the boots they are not only suitable as fashion wellington boots, but also practical boots for walking, gardening, yard work etc.

The downside is that the Braemar boots are only available in blue and green.

Overall the Hoggs Braemar boots offer excellent value for money, when compared to the Hunter Original boots.

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Cotswold Sandringham Boots

Best Budget Alternative to Hunter Boots

Overall Rating:

Why We like them: They maybe cheap, but these Cotswold Sandringham boots look like Hunter Boots and will keep your feet dry

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Best budget alternative to hunter boots | Cheap Hunter boots alternative

Cheap Alternative to Hunter Boots

+ Very low cost Made from PVC
+ Look similar to Hunter Boots  
+ Good looking  

If you’re looking for some cheap wellington boots that look like Hunter Boots, then these Cotswold Sandringham boots are probably for you.

The boots do look similar to Hunter boots from a distance, but on closed inspection it becomes obvious the boots are lacking the quality and style of Hunter Originals. That’s not to say they look bad, they are actually pretty good looking, especially considering the very low price. 

The Sandringham boots are no are made from PVC, rather than natural rubber. PVC is a very tough material, but it doesn’t have any flexibility, which means the boots are less comfortable when walking. 

We haven’t see any other boots at such a low price that could be considered as an alternative to Hunter boots.



Hunter Boot Alternatives: Conclusion

Hunter boots have earned a world wide reputation for making stylish rubber boots. However, they are by no means the the only manufacture that make colourful stylish rubber rain boots.

We hope our top 5 alternatives to Hunter boots helps you in your buying choices.

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